Amy Adams

Amy Adams, RN

Bone Marrow Unit
Franciscan St. Francis - Beech Grove
Beech Grove, Indiana
United States

Amy made an extra effort in making a patient smile by helping her with her teeth. Amy was caring for a young patient with leukemia. The patient’s gums had become swollen and grew over her front teeth.
What really bothered Amy is that this pretty little patient would cover her mouth whenever she laughed or smiled as she was very self-conscious about her appearance. Amy gently cleaned the patient’s mouth for several days, and taught the patient how to do this for herself. After several days of work, Amy got a smile from the patient! Amy could see on the patient’s face that she did make a difference!
This is just one of the special things that Amy has done for patients. She cooks special foods and gifts for her patients. Our Mission and Values speak to this kind of compassion.
Amy demonstrated that by offering her time, her resources and her own smile to make a patient smile.
And now that you have read Amy’s story, I hope that you are smiling too!