Amber Anderson

Amber Anderson, BSN, RN

Northwest Specialty Hospital
Post Falls, Idaho
United States
In the middle of the night when I complained of this to Amber, she immediately went to work, giving me a thorough sponge bath and fresh gown.

I was a "guest" at Northwest Specialty Hospital for 6 days. I had two rather intense neurosurgeries the first two days that I was at your facility, and my recovery has taken some time. But I'm now sufficiently back to normal to express my thanks to all your nursing staff, but especially to Amber.

The bustle of physician visits and many caregivers providing medication, physical therapy, meals, drawing labs plus visits from family and friends made the days of my NW Specialty stay pass quickly. But the nights there seemed very long, and despite the quiet, calm environment, I didn't sleep much and was very anxious. Amber to the rescue! Three of the five nights I was with you, Amber was my nurse. Each time she caught my eye, she checked on me and asked if there was anything she could do. In addition to the prescribed nursing activities, she bought me tea and toast, frozen yogurt, and other comforts. Sometimes her presence and a little chat were all I needed to relax and rest.

I recall clearly the night after the first surgery. I was supposed to have a cervical collar, but one hadn't been provided. After considerable head-scratching by staff members, Amber took the initiative to locate two different collars from your supply. Trying on and fitting a collar was very painful and several people got involved; the scene felt somewhat chaotic. Amber calmly stuck with it, finding an appropriate collar and making some clever adjustments to fit it correctly and not aggravate a large blister on my chin that developed during surgery. From what started as a crisis in my drug-altered perception, Amber resolved the issue gently and intelligently.

My blood pressure was a serious issue while I was hospitalized, with readings taken every hour. Frequently my systolic number was in the 180s. Each time the readings exceeded 160, I had to receive medication that had unpleasant side effects. When Amber was working and taking the hourly readings, she was completely empathetic and shared my hope of a sufficiently low systolic. When the reading was too high, she commiserated as she administered the needed medication. She did what I didn't want to be done, but in such a sweet, caring manner.

Another night I was overly hot and quite sweaty. My gown and bedding had served several days, and I just felt grungy, which contributed to my sleeplessness. In the middle of the night when I complained of this to Amber, she immediately went to work, giving me a thorough sponge bath and fresh gown. She stripped the bed, put on fresh linens, and tidied up everything nicely. I recognized that these actions did not require her nursing skill and expertise, but I felt so much better because she took the time to de-grunge me!

Since I was discharged from NW Specialty, Amber and her gentle, expert, compassionate care have been much on my mind. I apologize that it has taken so long for me to let her and you know how grateful I am for her many kindnesses as well as skillful nursing. She is a special caregiver.

Thank you to Amber and all who took such good care of me at NW Specialty Hospital.