Amanda Bedker
March 2022
Amanda L
Skagit Valley Hospital
Mount Vernon
United States




There is a confidence and presence Amanda just radiates.
Amanda goes above and beyond for patients in the endoscopy department every day. I’m blown away by how much time she takes but still efficiently gets her job done without making the patient feel rushed. Even in high-stress situations, or when she is not having the best day, she easily puts it aside and pushes through to benefit the whole team.

Recently she had a patient with a traumatic brain injury who had some memory loss. She (and another nurse) called the patient every day to help go over prep instructions. Due to his injury, it was a long conversation every day, basically repeating the same things. That is going way above and beyond for our patients.

Another example is with the navigational bronchs, the work is more complex and fast-paced. She is always anticipating and one step ahead of the game which makes the cases go so much easier, especially in high-risk situations. There is a confidence and presence she just radiates and I appreciate it when I get to work with Amanda because I know regardless of the day's caseload or staffing, we will have a good day because of her attitude and drive for her job.