Amalia Baker

Amalia Baker

Amalia Baker, ADN, RN, CPAN

UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

I have had the pleasure of working with Mali for almost 8 years now. She is always such a joy to be around! She always has a smile on her face and a wonderful attitude. Recently, my mother had surgery and Mali was her nurse. I got to experience being on the other side and Mali kept me informed on my mom's status and took excellent care of her.

Innovation: Mali helped put together an airway box for our unit. She collaborated with several different physicians to make sure we had exactly what we needed in case of an emergency.

Compassion: Mali is one of the most compassionate nurses I have ever seen. She does whatever it takes to make her patients comfortable and does a great job of keeping the patient's family members informed.

Accountability: Mali is a very strong patient advocate and takes full responsibility for her patients while they are in her care. She is always punctual and ready to help.

Respect: As a charge nurse, Mali has mutual respect for her co-workers as well as the physicians and other care team members that she works with.

Excellence: In addition to being a great nurse, Mali is a preceptor, charge nurse, CPAN, PICC certified and also involved in the Medication Safety Committee. Mali received Gold PACT status last year and is well on her way to receiving it again next year. She is currently working toward her BSN as well.

Mali goes above and beyond when it comes to her job and her patients. She is very deserving of this award.