Alyssa Kimutis

Alyssa Kimutis

Alyssa Kimutis, RN

Heart Center
St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Alyssa knew that we as parents were attempting to provide solace to him, and stepped in when we couldn't.

Alyssa is a prime example of a passionate nurse and how it not only affects the patient but also their family. I witnessed Alyssa hold a patient’s hand as we rushed him to the CT scanner. To some, this may not seem out of the ordinary, but to the patient’s family, it has had a huge impact.


While my son has fought through complications associated with his lung transplant, I have had the honor to meet an absolutely amazing nursing staff. The nurses have been so attentive to his needs, dealing with emergencies as well as the mundane.

This week I saw two amazing acts of kindness that transcend medical nursing. My son has had a long and circuitous path since the transplant. Suffering from significant levels of sedation for an extended time, extreme fever brought about by neuroleptic malignancy syndrome, pneumothorax(s), ICU psychosis and countless procedures, his anxiety level is understandably high.

We have been doing everything we can to calm him down. On Wednesday, one nurse was rubbing his legs with essential oils in a desperate attempt to calm his nerves. Alyssa could have simply watched, but instead, she jumped up and joined. At that time, I mentally noted her enthusiasm to help.

The next day he had the fortune of having Alyssa again. At this point, he had suffered two days and two nights without sleep. His anxiety level had grown, and so had ours. I spent some time with him but had to take a break and left the room.

I believe the greatest acts of generosity and of kindness are those done without the expectation of acknowledgment. At some point during the day, I noticed his door was closed. Crouching down and looking through the pane of glass, I saw Alyssa sitting by his side, gently holding his hand and talking to him. She knew that we as parents were attempting to provide solace to him, and stepped in when we couldn't. No prodding by us, no recognition for her actions, Alyssa simply did what was right then and throughout the day.

I know that Alyssa is not the only one in the CICU with this compassion and commitment to her patients. She, however, beautifully embodies what is good and what is right about the people here.