Alysia Hodge

Alysia Hodge, RN

LewisGale Hospital - Montgomery
Blacksburg, Virginia
United States

Alysia learned that a patient would be having a birthday while in the hospital. She bought a card for the staff to sign, a rose, and a small cake for the patient. Alysia had formed a special bond with this patient. Up to this point the patient had been difficult and hard to satisfy. The patient told Alysia that this was the first birthday anyone had celebrated for her since she was 15. Now 42, she told several other people how Alysia had impacted her life with her generosity. Later that day, the patient began seizing due to a reaction to a medication. Alysia coordinated care during the rapid response and ensured the patients safety during this time. As the patient was being transferred to another unit, she said, 'I am truly going to miss Alysia-she has been a wonderful inspiration to me'.