Allison Carlson

Allison Carlson

Allison Carlson, RN

Medical Acute Care Telemetry
UMass Memorial Medical Center
Worcester, Massachusetts
United States
Ally was just great, always cheerful, and helpful at every turn.

We had two great experiences with Ally, and I want you to know about it.

The first one was with my 89-year-old wife who I lost at Rose Monahan Hospice. 11 days prior, N was a patient on Unit 6 east and Ally was her nurse of most of the 7 days there. N's hospital admission brought the bad news of metastatic breast cancer which then resulted in a break of the right femur, followed by surgery and a deteriorating condition. My N decided "no radiation, no dialysis" which freed her of all medications except against the pain and therapies of hospice.

Ally was just great, always cheerful, and helpful at every turn. Even when my N decided on her final hospice journey, Ally was positive and encouraging along the way. She knew how to respond to body and soul. Before leaving the 6th-floor unit, N wanted a photo of Ally and Ally responded for a picture of her and my dear one together.

The second experience was my own, just a few days ago when hypothermia brought me to Umass 6 East. It felt almost predetermined that Ally would be my nurse. Again there was her enthusiasm, always friendly and smiling and expertly caring.

Ally is also a team member of the hospital staff and I sensed that her good relations with all the aspects of the operations made things happen more promptly like the ultrasound exam and specialty exam on a Sunday. And when discharged on the fourth day, transportation could not be on time, Ally instead wheeled me to the lobby for pick-up by my family. Again, the same body and soul caring which makes good nursing so special and which Allison Carlson presents as her natural talent.

Ally told me that she would like to advance into Nurse management. I hope that this will be possible for her including the means for the additional studies. For Ally to give her natural talents to others will be a true asset to the Nursing profession. I thank her for what she gave to my N and me and I wish her the very best for her future.