Allen Tom

Allen Tom

Allen Tom, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Torrance Memorial Medical Center (JPB)
Torrance, California
United States

Received from a patient’s family member

Allen Tom cared for our mom who is acutely ill. One of the days he was on duty for 16 hours. He showed the perfect combination of knowledge, skill and empathy, all combined in his calm, caring manner. His communication skills were excellent. He was very good at answering our questions and ensuring that we understood. He also demonstrated good time management skills; if he didn’t have the time to talk, he would say that and tell us when he would be back to explain the rest.

My mom’s roommate at the hospital was alone for most of the day and we noticed how aware the nurse was of this and in addition to his excellent care of this lady, he knew how to add his own extra level of humanity to help her along her path to recovery.

We have been truly impressed with all the team members caring for our mother. Allen stands out as extraordinary for such a young new nurse. We appreciated him very much and felt lucky to have him. If ever there was someone that should be confident that he found the exact career that he was made to do, it should be him.