Allen Esporo

Allen Esporo, RN

Medical/Surgical Float Pool Nurse
Piedmont Medical Center
Rock Hill, South Carolina
United States

On January 2nd, Allen was my night nurse. He was so compassionate and caring. All of the staff are good, but he really stands out. I don't have much feeling from the waist down due to a back condition and he made me feel very safe when he helped get me up and he was extremely gentle when he turned me. I don't mind a male nurse helping me but you should know how considerate and respectful of my privacy he was: he waited outside of door and didn't leave me. If I did use the call bell for assistance, he answered it quickly. He offered me warm wash cloths to clean my hands. He is a real gentleman through and through and an excellent caregiver.

I am involved in my health care. All of the nurses explained what medications they were giving me and Allen was very good at this as well. I am being discharged today from Piedmont Medical Center and I wish I could clone Allen to care for me in my long term care facility. Oh what healthcare could be if all caregivers were as compassionate as Allen!