Alix Banker

Alix Banker

Alix Banker, RN

Labor & Delivery
Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto
Southaven, Mississippi
United States
Alix is our guardian angel, and she will always be a blessing to our family.

Alix was our triage nurse when I was 35 weeks pregnant and having multiple NST’s and BPP’s every week.  My doctor wanted to induce labor due to a low weight for gestational age, but I was truly afraid to deliver early for fear of having my baby taken and put into an incubator or a separate room from me.  Alix took the time to look into the weight tracking of my baby and discovered that her weight was consistently increasing and aligned perfectly with an earlier gestational age.  Thanks to Alix bringing this to my doctor’s attention, my little girl grew in utero for two more weeks. My baby is now 4 lbs 3 oz, and she is healthy and happy.

If Alix hadn’t taken the time and concern to trace my daughter’s growth that day, I would have been induced before my little one was stable enough to remain in the recovery room with me. We would have missed out on so much special time together to bond as a family.  Because of Alix’s level of care that day, my baby girl is strong and healthy enough to go home today with me and my husband.

Alix is our guardian angel, and she will always be a blessing to our family.  We are truly honored to have met Alix and would be so excited and appreciative if she could receive the DAISY Award. We cannot thank Alix enough, and we thank God for her.