Alison Burnley

Alison Burnley

Alison Burnley, BSN, RN

Medical Surgical Unit
Paoli Hospital
Paoli, Pennsylvania
United States
One night after her shift was over, Alison stayed and talked with her for hours.

As described by her nominating peer, Alison is kind, compassionate, positive, well-liked, and a role model. Many people are not aware, but Alison shares a very similar experience to a family that she cared for.

The patient's husband described how Alison had cared for a young mother, his wife, who was being treated for cancer, and her patient's condition had taken a grave turn. One night after her shift was over, Alison stayed and talked with her for hours, something that touched both the patient and her husband. Alison had shared a similar experience as she lost her mom at age 19 to a similar form of cancer.

The patient's husband shared how "that night, my wife and Alison talked about losing a mom, and about being a mom who would soon be lost. I never asked for details, but I know their conversation was pure, personal, and intimate. I also know, beyond any doubt, that this encounter was fated to happen. However, I don't believe that Alison was destined to be in that room, at that time, so that she could help. My wife was sent there because Alison needed help." When the patient was admitted to the hospital for the last time, she was assigned to a floor on the other side of the hospital, not Alison's regular assignment. The husband shared his theory with Alison, she shared with him how she felt that this patient was someone she was supposed to meet.