Alison Axon
February 2017
Children's Health, Children's Medical Center Dallas
United States




From what I’ve observed, exemplary employees have a tendency to get the basics right. For instance, they get to work on time, they adhere to the organization’s rules, they rarely slack, they are organized, they have good time management skills, they can work their way around computers and software, they are individuals who get the job done. These employees come to the workplace with the right attitude, are always positive, they emanate positive vibes and energy, and leave a positive impression on their peers. They are thorough professionals and possess natural leadership skills. They have a problem-solving approach to doing things and have a magnetic personality that allows them to get people to naturally follow when they take charge of something. Alison possesses each one of these qualities vastly.

Alison is head of the Sunshine Committee, The Healthy Work Environment, the Hand Hygiene Committee (which we just made a 100% in thanks to her), and is part of RACE. She makes the schedule for everyone and even manages to work with us if we need certain days off. She goes out of her way as a team leader to help each night shift staff member stay on top of their competencies and certifications by sending out an email that has all of them on it with due dates. She is the first to congratulate staff members on anything positive they might achieve, even if it is as little as sending an email.

Alison always has a smile on her face and when I am feeling down, it’s her positive nature that brings me up. Her bedside manner is exemplary due to the fact that she has so much compassion for the patients and their family members. You can truly see that she cares. I have watched her calm down a parent by just listening and commenting when necessary. I have watched her diffuse a situation between staff members with such ease and confidence. She has a charisma about her that radiates through the shift. She is a person that you can immediately be attracted to just by her smile. She always comes to work looking neat, professional, and extremely organized, and it gives you the sense to want to do the same.

Alison’s kind and caring persona will make you spill your life story to her, and when I lost a loved one unexpectedly, she was right there to help me grieve and move on. She holds me to standards that I never thought I could achieve, but she sees something in me that I overlook and I must say I have accomplished it all and so much more because of Alison. She holds Children’s on a pedestal, follows all the rules, and is very proud of the fact that she works here and that her daughter does too. You can tell instantaneously that she respects what she does, the organization, and her staff members. She volunteers regularly and pulls other staff members to do the same. We always have fun with her. She is always a text message away for her team members even when she is on vacation. She actually shows you that she cares and tells you when you have disappointed her and works with you on how to fix it. She understands that life happens, but she will not let you get away with a bunch of stuff.

Alison is an advocate for patient safety. I have personally watched her correct nurses when they do not use two patient identifiers or use proper hand hygiene, and she makes sure that the techs check their orders each shift. She knows how to approach different personalities when it comes to having those difficult talks which is part of being a team leader. She took the time to understand and learn how to do that with each and every one of us. I have personally benefited from Alison because she has stood by me 100%, pushing me to be the best that I can be. I am now one of the main members of the Sunshine Committee, and to top it off she guides me on everything I do, what is appropriate and what is not. She is amazing!

Alison has an aura about her that makes you want to follow in every footstep she takes. She is rarely ever late and the first to admit when she is wrong. She is always working on something, whether it is team leader stuff or in general making sure the unit is running smoothly on our shifts. She always gets the job done. She is a huge influence on all of us. She is one of the main reasons night shift runs so smoothly and why most of us think of C8 as our family. In order to have a functioning working unit, we first must have a profound leadership team who has all of our backs so that the bedside nurses can give all that they have and much more. We are one of the lucky units to have just that, especially with Alison.

There are so many other wonderful qualities and skills that Alison embodies. She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and the influences she has made on other people’s lives, patients’ lives, and patients’ family members. She does so many wonderful things that deserve to be noticed.