March 2018
Float Pool
Piedmont Medical Center
Rock Hill
United States




During leadership rounds, two patients on PCU mentioned how they received excellent care from their nurse for the day. Alisha was caring for both of these patients. One patient mentioned that she came into the hospital over the weekend following a fall at home. In addition to the fall, the patient had an infection. She had surgery immediately and on the third post-op day reported that she was feeling much better and was hungry. “Alisha tracked down the correct doctor like she was ‘Sherlock Holmes’ so that I could eat. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. She made the effort to also obtain an order for pain medication (Tylenol) in-between my stronger medications so that I would have better pain control. She is energetic and demonstrates that she really cares for her patients.”

Another patient indicated that Alisha was very responsive to his needs, and it is obvious that she really cares about her patients. “She is friendly, pleasant, and does an excellent job. As a patient, you feel safe with Alisha looking after you.”


It was refreshing and comforting when we arrived to the 4th floor under the care of Alisha Sprague. She has gone above and beyond so that not only was my husband taken excellent care of but myself, his daughter, and visitors were made comfortable too. She is an excellent nurse.


Alisha is truly a patient advocate. She is the one we would all want to take care of ourselves or our loved ones. Alisha rotates shifts days and nights based on the hospital’s need. She is high energy and exhibits team spirit wherever she goes. When her workload is caught up, she can be seen asking her teammates how she can help them. She embraces change. Whenever she encounters a patient who is not having a good experience, she follows up with her manager so that she can round on them as well to do service recovery. She works hard without complaint to care for our patients. She spends time with her patients and families to explain processes and procedures. She is a real asset to our hospital.