Alice Jenkins

Alice Jenkins

Alice Jenkins, LPN

DMC Campus
Vibra Hospital of SE Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
United States
I can’t explain the comfort Alice was to me and my family, we will never forget her.

Alice is the very first healthcare professional to get an appropriate verbal response from my son. For months, my son was nonresponsive to verbal stimuli and his neurological prognosis was poor due to his traumatic brain injury (TBI). Alice was able to reach him and elicit the first verbal response after months of being hospitalized.

You can only imagine the joy I felt after sitting at his bedside with no purposeful response from my son for months. Disparity and doubts crippled my emotions.  Trying to be a strong and supportive mother I kept everything internalized. I lost weight and my health was taking a toll because of my stress. the sadness I felt was indescribable.

Hope was restored when Alice reached my son and brought him back to us.  Alice always took the time to spend time with my son even when she was not my son’s nurse for that day. I can’t explain the comfort Alice was to me and my family, we will never forget her.

My son is still bedridden due to an irreversible spine injury, but we are able to communicate with each other using simple commands, for that I am thankful and happy. Thank you, Alice, for always being positive, smiling and restoring my faith.

The family member of a patient down the hall from us was talking to himself about suicide.  Alice heard him and comforted him by taking the time to sit and talk to him. Alice has a nurturing way to make people see the positive in any situation. Alice made this person feel loved and safe. This family member hugged Alice and he assured Alice his suicidal thoughts were no longer a threat.

Alice is a beautiful person inside and out.  God bless her.  My family and I wish her all the best.