Alice Brown

Alice Brown

Alice Brown, RN, MS, CCRN

Cardiac Care
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital
Hinsdale, Illinois
United States

Alice Brown, lead nurse in the CCU.

Alice supports best practice in her specialty and in her multifaceted role she is a unit leader, teacher, skilled clinician all while providing thorough, compassionate patient care. Alice is very involved in the Magnet Journey. She is an active member of the MPNP and monthly activities of the People Pillar. On her unit, she ensures policies and practice utilize evidence based information. One example is Alice worked with an Andrews University capstone leadership student to prepare a unit competency and poster on best practice for pulling arterial sheaths. This information has guided best practice on the unit.
As a leader, Alice leads by example. She takes a full patient load in addition to skillfully handling lead responsibilities. Peers feel she is fair, consistent, and on time with the schedule. Alice is able to consider and honor requests while balancing the needs of the unit. Within one week of taking her Lead RN position, she took on the Verbal Order Project with great success.
In addition to leading, she is a teacher on the unit. Peers see her as a resource. She eagerly offers her time and talents to teaching new employees and students. What allows her to wear these many hats is that she is able to skillfully delegate when necessary. Not an easy skill.
Alice is an astute clinician. She recently renewed her CCRN certification and passed the exam with flying colors. She is an active member on the Rapid Response Team, Code Blue Team, and is respected and complimented by AHH physicians.
While wearing all of these hats, Alice accomplishes delivery of compassionate patient care. She always looks out for the best interest of the patient and patient’s family. Alice spends time with her patients, caring for the whole patient, and addressing all the multifaceted needs that arise.
Overall, Alice’s calm, professional, level-headed manner is so valuable in this busy, often stressful CCU environment. Having her master’s degree and practicing at the bedside, exemplifies the many benefits of the Clinical Care Leader master’s degree. She represents how advanced skills play a valuable role on the delivery of quality patient care and positively impacts the hospital as a whole.

Alice, Thank you for all you do and congratulations!