Alhassan Albzoor

Alhassan Albzoor

Alhassan Albzoor, BSN, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Hassan is compassionate about patients’ care; his caring attitude is evident when he treats all patients with love like his own children.

Hassan has been in PICU for more than 15 years and he is considered our godfather. He is undoubtedly a vital resource in the unit, with his extensive clinical skills. He is passionate about learning and keeps up to date on new techniques, current studies on best practices that will result in positive outcomes for the unit.

He is compassionate about patients’ care; his caring attitude is evident when he treats all patients with love like his own children. His patient management and prioritizing tasks in degree of importance impresses his colleagues and the multidisciplinary team. Being approachable is simply one facet of his personality, he develops long-standing relationships with others with little to no effort. Hassan is fair, he listens to understand the points of his colleagues or patients’ loved ones before deciding on the best course of action. It is a joy to have Hassan as a charge nurse, he is a team player who is cognizant that the team makes the unit a success and not a single person.

Hassan has identified and reported numerous near miss incidents. A doctor ordered Ventolin adult dose for a pediatric patient, the error in prescription was communicated immediately to the doctor and the patient received the correct dose. A no code patient was gasping for breath; the patient’s mother was crying. Hassan assessed the patient, communicated with the medical team regarding the patient’s condition, the team agreed to reverse the code status. Code blue was activated and the patient was successfully resuscitated. The patient gradually recovered to be sent home with his family.

Patient care is the main focus for Hassan, he will speak up to advocate for the patients using his extensive knowledge. He takes the same approach to empower and support new staff to become independent direct care providers. Developing leadership abilities in others results in a well-oiled shift that makes for happy nurses. The Rapid Response Team from our unit is well prepared to manage any scenario because of the coaching provided by our exceptional Hassan.   

Hassan is a UBC member and is leading the clinical documentation and Beacon award for excellence for our unit. He is a valuable asset in our unit and we are proud of him. His problem-solving abilities have facilitated changes in practice at the unit level. An idea for improvement has been approved at the divisional level and escalated to the pharmacy team to introduce seizure kit in the event a patient has a seizure and requires lifesaving medication promptly. Minimizing delays in treatment will result in positive patient outcomes.