Alexie Almazan

Alexie Almazan, RN

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, California
United States

I was not surprised to hear that Alexie was described as “Kind, gentle, caring and very knowledgeable”. Many know her as Alexie Mendoza.

Alexie is one of our active Patient Education advocates. She has personally helped to design 2 patient education sheets this past year that were accepted by the patient educating committee and converted into Valley Pages as official education teaching tools. Alexie was an active member of our units TCAB Team (Transforming Care at the Bedside) and her focus was on enhancing our patient education program. Alexie has always had a focus on pain management and was instrumental in collaborating with pharmacy on a pain management chart what was used as a reference for the staff and presented a case study on ETOCH withdrawl.

Alexie is well known for her work on peer review design team and was an active pioneer in the program roll-out. She was a past chair of the professional development council and our unit expert representative for MAK. She has assisted our staff educator teach at our med/surg division competency days and helped to design unit scrub tops and t-shirts as part of our team vitality celebrations. Most recently she has joined our latest unit shared governance council and was elected as the chair by her peers. She is now working on a unit fundraiser and leading the planning for our annual picnic.