Alexia Crawford

Alexia Crawford

Alexia Crawford, RN

Southeast One - ICU
Florida Hospital: Winter Park Memorial Hospital
Winter Park, Florida
United States

Alexia Crawford exudes the Florida Hospital mission and Winter Park Pride in everything she does from taking care of her team to her patients. We recently had a patient come back and see us. They have become part of our unit's "work family" because of the patient's complex medical history. The patient and her husband can only be described as one of "those couples" that you hope to be like when you reach your golden years. The patient's husband never leaves her side and can often be seen bragging about how much he loves "her nurses!"

During this admission, the patient was not doing so well and it was clear that the patient's husband "knew something was different." Our extended family member was transferred to the ICU. During her rounding the previous day, Alexia found out that it was this couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Alexia sprung into action and called the concierge and ordered some flowers to be delivered with a card saying "Happy Anniversaryfrom your SE1/SW1 family." Alexia always takes time to go the extra mile in order to create small special moments for her patients and their family members. With this one simple action she reduced the husband's fears and anxiety and showed him that even though she was not on our nursing unit anymore, we were still thinking about them.

While Alexia can be seen creating special moments for patients and their families, she is often referred to as the unit's "hero!" One day a nurse was eating her lunch and in the break room and she began to choke. She immediately ran out to the nurses' station and gave the universal sign for choking. Alexia gave her the Heimlich maneuver, rushed her to the ER, and saved the day! This is a TRUE example of Winter Park Pride teamwork!!