Albert Bowes
August 2020
Inpatient Mental Health Unit
VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
United States




On Tuesday we received a phone call from one of our veteran's mothers, worried about her safety towards her son being homicidal towards her. The mother stated that her son has been off his meds for six months and he's holding a knife. Albert told the mother to stay calm and to call 911, but the mother is afraid to call 911 and she doesn't know what to do. Albert put her on hold while Albert calls 911 on the other line.

Albert had her stay on the line, comforted her until help arrives, but apparently the son didn't want to seek any help and didn't go with the paramedics. The mother called back, asking why they didn't force him to go; Albert explained to the mother that they can't force him to go and they would violate his rights if paramedics force him. The mother is still feeling unsafe in the house with the son. Albert instructed the mother to lock her door for the meantime and she can call our number anytime she likes or whatever she feels unsafe. Albert notified the house supervisor about the situation.

Ever since I've worked here in B-6, we've never experienced or encounter anything like this happened to our shift. I think Albert Bowes handled the situation great by having the mother stay on the phone and have her to stay calm. Albert showed us the true meaning of "ICARE" value, his passion for his job, and he showed how much he really cares about our veterans.

Albert went above and beyond. Even though they're not a patient in our unit, he could've easily passed the phone call to the house supervisor, but he didn't, instead, he took his time to build rapport with the mother and handled the situation calmly. Albert stayed on the line with the mother maintaining the safety of the mother and son until help arrived.