Aimy Alias

Aimy Alias

Aimy Alias, RN

Maternity/Labor and Delivery
Prime Hospital
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates
After the delivery, Sister Aimy bathed me and took care of me as her own daughter.

I was admitted at the Prime Hospital for the delivery. I had mild contractions and also my due date had passed so I was kept in the pre-labor room that day. I saw Sister Aimy when I started getting labor pain. She was continuously consoling me by saying nice things to me. She was on night duty that day. Aimy was very supportive both emotionally and physically.

While I started getting high contractions and pains, my baby's heartbeat was dropping very badly. They started to prepare me for C-section, but I always prefer normal delivery. I told her my thoughts and how bad I want my baby to be brought here in this world. Sister Aimy kept on motivating me and told me to keep breathing so that I can maintain my baby's heartbeat and it'll be possible for normal delivery. She was very helpful like a mother. I tortured her a lot while in labor. I literally pinched her and didn't allow her to do her work. She was smiling and laughing all the time when I did this to her. I couldn't resist myself from physically hurting her. "I am so sorry Sister Aimy, I love you."

Sister Aimy was my savior. Without her, this won't be possible. I finally gave birth to a baby girl as I wish, normal delivery only because of Sister Aimy and the Doctors. After the delivery, Sister Aimy bathed me and took care of me as her own daughter. I won't forget her until my death because she was there with me at the most turning point in my life, that is, to bring a "new life" to this world and I am very thankful to ALLAH the almighty, to have granted me nice of nicest sister in the world.