Aimee Belt

Aimee Belt, RN

200 South, CHI Memorial Glenwood
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

I recently had a dear friend on 2 South for a long while and one particular day my sweet friend had just been given yet another diagnosis (not terrible by any means) but nevertheless I was very emotional and overwhelmed that my friend was struggling so. Aimee RN was so sweet and tender to my friend and when we stepped outside the room into the hall Aimee could tell I was upset, so she stopped what she was doing, parked her computer and came to console me. I will never forget the kindness and sweet compassion shown by her, to my friend, nor will I ever forget the hugs and oh so sweet embraces she gave me when I had tears in my eyes and was feeling so overwhelmed at that moment.

She made me even more proud to work at this place we call Memorial Hospital. It was above and beyond, it was compassion, it was the Memorial way! It was exactly what I needed at that moment, a touch from God himself through a very special nurse named AIMEE Belt.

Aimee's compassion and comfort in the hall on 2 South that evening...that was just plain PRICELESS!!