Aida Feliciano

Aida Feliciano

Aida Feliciano, RN

Antenatal Ward
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Saudi Arabia

When I was in the hospital, I was sad and broken that time and here comes Nurse Aida, she comfort me and even hug me. She told me “I will be your mother so don’t be scared because I’m here with you and nothing will happen to you”. After I heard those lines from her I felt happy and start to like her as my nurse. I loved the mother’s care that she’s giving me.

Every time she comes to my room, she is singing and dancing just to make me laugh because she told me every time I smile she felt happy about it.

She is doing her nursing job in a perfect way and in addition to that she has a beautiful smile. She cared for a lot of patients for 27 years and it shows that she is special and the best nurse.