Abeer Aljoudi

Abeer Aljoudi, RN, BSN,PGDOnco,CPHON

Pediatric Oncology
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Jeddah
United States

Abeer is characterized by her high professionalism and confidence during her daily duty. You, as a patient will notice that her colleagues are using her to assist them. On one occasion Abeer was not the assigned nurse, but her colleagues depended on her to solve a problem when they couldn’t make the blood come through the machine, and she confidently fixed it.
By the Mother of pediatric oncology patient.
She cooperates very well with the patient as well as the sitter. She watches over the patient in a good and caring way. Her humanitarian way of dealing with my daughter made her accept the chemotherapy dose in an excellent way which other nurses were unable to do.
By the Father of the same pediatric oncology patient.