Aaron Daulton

Aaron Daulton, RN, BSN

300 West Pulmonary Med Surg
CoxHealth: Springfield and Monett
Springfield, Missouri
United States

Aaron Daulton is an excellent candidate for a DAISY award. He consistently delivers excellent patient care and always relates well to both patients and their families.
Today I was called to speak with a patient’s family in the hall after a CAT call. The family wanted to make sure it was known what an excellent nurse Aaron is. He had been working with this particular patient and family all day – they had a difficult decision to make determining code status. The patient was 90 years old but still very alert and not wanting to give up on life yet. Aaron spoke very compassionately with both the patient and family to help them with their difficult decision. In the end, the patient and family both agreed for her to be intubated.
Aaron was waiting for a critical care bed while she continued to decline; Aaron called for the CAT Team and the patient was subsequently intubated in the room. Aaron stayed by her side, holding her hand through the whole process. He was a great comfort to the family and they wanted to make sure this fact was passed along.
This is by far not the first time Aaron has been mentioned by a patient or family for his compassionate nursing care and I am sure it will not be the last. He is a great asset to our team on 300 W!