Wes Whitaker

Wes Whitaker, RN

Baptist Medical Center East
Montgomery, Alabama
United States

1. One of our patients was having a bad day. Wes gave her a hug and she said it made her day and that his compassion truly changed her spirit. I like to think of it as a "healing touch."

2. Wes always goes above and beyond the call of duty. The care he gives his patients and his nursing knowledge make him a great asset to Baptist East. The patients here love him and always brag about his contagious smile and rugged good looks. He was always meant to be a DAISY.

3. What stood out to me immediately about Nurse Wes was his professionalism and the compassion that I sensed from him was a nurse who loves doing his work and has a passion to help people. I felt that he went above in his promptness in answering calls and doing his job. He is definitely an asset to your hospital.

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