Teresa Bulka

Teresa Bulka

Teresa Bulka, Sitter

Float Pool
SwedishAmerican Hospital
Rockford, Illinois
United States

Teresa Bulka is part of the Float Pool sitters. This is what her nominator had to say about her.

“She came in, introduced herself and asked if she could sit with me. Kind of threw me for a loop, didn’t know why, but I said “yes.” Didn’t say much for the first couple of hours of sitting with her. Saw something on T.V. that sparked the conversation as to why I was down in the dumps and depressed.

She told me about her kids and grandchildren, a little bit about her husband before he passed. I could see the sincerity, love and compassion in her eyes. So I told her about my babies and wife and why I felt so down. She told me some stories from the bible. We had misc. conversations about misc things. I asked about her likes and dislikes, her interests in types of music she enjoys. Made me smile when she said she loves Chopin. So I shared some of the music I have written with her, since I take my lap top everywhere I go and I am musician. The feeling of depression quickly moved away as we sat and talked. As she complemented my music, telling me how beautiful it was. She told me how amazing of a person I am and that her first impression of me was completely wrong. She told me my tattoos and bald head masked the real me. That I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to live for.

The second night of sitting with her we talked almost the entire 8 hours she was here. No T.V. on. She is very comforting. She has touched my soul in a way it hasn’t been touched in many years. To give her a star for what she has helped me with isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong. She truly deserves the star. But a genuine heartfelt hug and a whisper of thank you in her ear I think would make her the happiest.

God places people in our paths for a reason and I am honored and privileged to have had God place her in my life.

In closing, you will see Teresa before I will. Please don’t be scared as you reach out to give her a hug on my behalf. Tell her I say, “Thank you and she holds a very clear place in my heart.”

Teresa is a valued member of the Swedish American family and we are proud to present her with the DAISY award.

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