Tarwyn Smith

Tarwyn Smith, RN

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States

Had a patient that was disappointed in a different area of care. Tarywn took the step to explain the process help calm her down and explain that we are still working on various issues here in the hospital. Once she was content. MD decided to cancel her surgery due to late in evening and time. Tarwyn stayed in there with her calmed her down, Listened to the patient express herself about being the only money maker in the family/ this surgery and pain was effecting her job. She understood and further comforted her, and personally went looking for the physicians to explain why and later hand deliever the prescriptions to the patient, and had her reschedule for 3 weeks. Tarwyn is a very experienced nurse in various areas of nursing. She has the respect of various doctors and they know who to look for when in trouble, she also comes in to help on her day off and plays her music which helps her patients relax.She is awesome.

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