Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy, RN, BSN

Pediatric Emergency Department
Baptist Hospital of Miami
Miami, Florida
United States
Stephanie listened, laughed and supported us all the way to N’s admission the next morning.

In late 2015, I showed up at the Baptist Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room with my two sons, “N” age 4 (patient) and his brother, “J” age 2. N was in respiratory distress and visiting the ED for the sixth time that year with similar symptoms. It was about midnight and my husband who is a firefighter was at work so I headed to the ED based on direction from my pediatrician with both my boys in tow. Stephanie was nothing short of amazing! She was able to treat N, help me relax and understand what was going on, all while making sure his little brother and I were comfortable. She listened, laughed and supported us all the way to N’s admission the next morning. She was so knowledgeable about croup (N’s symptoms) and so very responsive even when after decadron and racemic epi did not prevent a second episode within a few hours. She knew what to do as a nurse but also as someone who knows what is like to be the family of a firefighter who couldn’t leave work. She was so incredibly supportive and caring.

Stephanie’s compassion and kind/gentle nature kept N calm and comfortable, not to mention me and little brother. I was a nervous wreck when the treatment didn’t work. We were admitted with N for four days trying to get answers. In late December he was diagnosed with almost complete tracheal rings which were contributing to the croup like symptoms.

This note is long overdue but I could not go without recognizing an amazing nurse who is so deserving of this honor. People like Stephanie are angels on earth to patients and moms like me.

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