Sharon Fraser

Sharon Fraser, RN

Sanford Luverne Medical Center
Sanford Health Network
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

This was written by the daughter of a patient Sharon was caring for:

Sharon was the ER nurse the day my mom was admitted to the hospital. She was very concerned and compassionate with my mom’s health that day. She also worked on the floor and was mom’s nurse throughout the week as mom’s health continued to be treated, but yet deteriorated. She would go out of her way to check on mom and me, as she knew in her heart that mom was very sick, but tried to bring out the best attitude for us all, despite the situation. Mom continued treatment for lung blood clots and lost her battle for life. Sharon stayed by me and mom in the room the afternoon she died. She held our hands, rubbed our hair, smiled soft smiles of love. She wanted mom to have a more peaceful death and went out of her way to order more morphine, so that the valley of death was peaceful, content and calm. I will forever be grateful for Sharon.

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