Shannon Ellington

Shannon Ellington

Shannon Ellington, RN

NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital
Jonesboro, Arkansas
United States
She took the time to see how scared and upset I was and to be there for me to help me through a very bad night.

I was a direct admit to the 5th floor from my doctor’s office with a knee infection from a car wreck that I had earlier in the month.  I had the most amazing team of nurses anyone could ever ask for.  There was one nurse that was so caring, sweet, compassionate and attentive to me and my needs, Shannon Ellington.

She not only cared for me, she took the time to also show the same towards my hubby.  She kept him informed on every little thing.  She showed him she was doing all she could to take care of me.  She noticed that he was very exhausted and worried.  Her attitude put him at so much ease that he felt like he could go home to rest.  He felt like she was the best for me and I was in good hands.

She worked very hard to make me the most comfortable I could be after surgery.  She made many, many calls to the doctor all night to get me pain relief from different meds-to strong-to short time spans.  When none of this worked, she massaged, repositioned to try and get me relief.

But what meant the most to me, she came in every few minutes and leaned over my bed, wiped my tears as I cried, rubbed my hair and always spoke very calm and gentle to me.  She would let me know if it was almost time for meds and was always telling me “honey it’s okay, just breath and relax”, and made sure I hung in there with so much tenderness.

In my book she is a super nurse; not only did she make me feel at ease, she made me feel like I was in the best hands.  She melted my heart when she took the time to help care for my hubby’s wellbeing and concerns like she did.  She took the time to see how scared and upset I was and to be there for me to help me through a very bad night. 

Thank You!  Shannon Ellington you are an amazing nurse, a Godsend and a good care giver that’s truly the definition of a great nurse.




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