Pat Wilfong-Mager

Pat Wilfong-Mager

Pat Wilfong-Mager, RN-BC

Medical Unit
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

It is difficult for me to completely express in words what Pat's actions meant to me while I was in the hospital recently. Pat helped me during my greatest moments of need. I was very scared, although I tried not to show it. She saw me first thing in the morning, listened to my breathing and realized that something was drastically wrong. Pat acted immediately in getting the doctor to understand my situation, she obtained assistance from the nursing staff and lined up a CAT scan and other tests; but mostly her personal caring and connection with me was greatly appreciated.

Pat explained to the other medical staff that I was highly claustrophobic and she kept me somewhat calm during the CT scan, including holding my hand (probably to keep me from jumping off the gurney when we entered the room with the equipment). Pat stayed with me the whole time, even though she was needed elsewhere on the 4th floor; she made the decision to ensure my safe arrival to ICU. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to her. Pat is an angel, and I am eternally thankful for her wonderful care.

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