Monica Peterson

Monica Peterson

Monica Peterson, RN

Breast Diagnostic Center
Poudre Valley Hospital
Fort Collins, Colorado
United States
Monica's compassion and concern for me were a wonderful example of excellence in nursing.

A nurse named Monica called me the day before my biopsy. She asked me lots of questions about my drug allergies and obtained my medical history. She carefully recorded in the computer the long list of the prescription medications I cannot take. I was looking forward to meeting Monica.

On the day of my biopsy, Monica came to get me in the waiting room. She took me into her office, explained the procedure and patiently answered all of my questions. We proceeded to the room for the biopsy to be performed. Monica and the technologist were very careful and patient to help me get up on the table and into the correct position. This was a challenge for them because I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 36 years. I have many physical limitations. Through the entire process, Monica and the technologist were very compassionate and affirming. They helped me to stay relaxed during the process.

Monica was reassuring and kind when I had a repeat procedure. They helped me off the table and I sat down in a chair. My whole body began to shake. I could not stop it. Monica stayed with me the whole time. She talked to me, which helped me to relax and she got a bottle of orange juice for me. It took a while for the shaking to slowly decrease. Then Monica supported me as we walked back to the changing room, and she helped me get dressed. Further, Monica walked with me to the cafeteria. She helped me get lunch using hospital gift cards. I was so grateful for her help and caring attitude. She wanted to make sure I was back to normal. Monica's compassion and concern for me were a wonderful example of excellence in nursing. I was deeply touched by her kindness and care.

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