Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler, RN

5 North
DCH Regional Medical Center & Northport Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
United States

My father suffered an unfortunate complication from an outpatient procedure and required extensive abdominal surgery and the placing of a (hopefully) temporary colostomy. My father benefited from outstanding care during his entire 12 day admission. However, at almost 80 years old he had "never been sick a day in his life" and certainly had never been hospitalized like this before.

He was concerned, a bit scared and very depressed. Family did what we could to take care of and comfort him. However, Melanie took the time to sit and talk with him for several extended periods while he was on her unit. Some of the talk was just chit chat about his dog, his tomatoes and fishing; and some was clinical. But every word was comforting and put my father and the rest of us at ease. I would go in the room and they would be having in depth conversations and he had a smile on his face.

Managers are busy with all the demands that are placed on them. But Melanie took time that she probably didn't really have to spend time with my dad when he was most vulnerable. For that we will be forever grateful. I believe that the attention Melanie gave him has led to his recovery.

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