Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson, RN

The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Houston, Texas
United States

Mary is extremely passionate about breastfeeding and the success of infant feedings. When any of the nurses have problems with getting a baby latched she is the person they call on. She always stops what she is doing to help others with breastfeeding even if it means getting behind on her own assignment. She is always willing to come in and help the night shift when called no matter how exhausted she me be. She stays focused on the job at hand to ensure she is doing the right thing for her patients. She is always willing to take direction in order to improve upon her skills as a nurse and care giver. Thank you for all that you do for our patients, our unit, and your co-workers.


We have delivered both of our children here at The Woman's Hospital. Both experiences have been special because of the wonderful staff at TWHT. At our 2nd child's birth, we had the privilege of having Mary Johnson as our nursery nurse. Mary "glows" around babies. Her compassion can be seen in the way she works. From the moment we met her, my wife has been so happy and relieved. Breast feeding is difficult for my wife and Mary was calm, patient, and attentive to our daughter. Mary got her to do things with breastfeeding my wife wished she could do and this had made my wife feel great about her ability to care for our daughter. I asked Mary if she loved what she does. I asked this because I could see it in her eyes and body language. She genuinely loves her profession. Her answer didn't surprise me because I knew the answer. If you have ever seen her with a baby, you know the answer. It's not every day you see someone that truly has a gift. For us, it was an honor to have spent the time with Mary. Mary's a genuine, knowledgeable, caring person whose heart is in the right place. Thank you Mary and May God Bless You!

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