Madonna White

Madonna White

Madonna White, BSN, RNC- NIC

Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids (IA)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States

I came in to give birth to my first son. I was very nervous but excited. I am a nurse myself but know nothing about kids. I think like most I was learning as things happen. I felt all the nurses were helpful, but when Madonna came into the room she just knew what to do and put me at ease. She took charge of the teaching and brought her knowledge of having kids to her teaching.

Madonna was a presence. She was incredibly helpful and understanding of the fact that I just didn't know what I was doing. She took so much time with us to show us as much as she could with the little amount of time that we had. I also took in the fact that if I had a simple question she would answer it, with no judgement and without batting an eye. She truly knows her stuff. We even found that once we were home, others told us so many different things that we would just go back to what Madonna told us. In fact, we used, "Well Madonna said," on a number of occasions.

She made me feel confident and I think a better mother in the long run. She truly is in the right profession and definitely earned her name. She is a Madonna of Mercy's Birthplace. Thank you so much.

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