Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart, ADN RN

Emergency Department
Mercy Health Saint Mary's
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

On Thanksgiving Day, a patient came into the Emergency Department from a local mission. The patient had recently moved to Grand Rapids from Florida to get a new start and was homeless. This patient did not have any winter clothes, including boots or gloves. She was very cold; all of her extremities were very cool to the touch. Staff searched the Emergency Department for any extra boots or gloves, but we had none.

Word got around the unit. After Julie was done with her shift, she went to Meijer and purchased this patient a pair of warm boots, thick socks and gloves. Julie then came all the way back to give these items to the patient. No one had asked Julie to do this; she did this because of her genuine care for the wellbeing of patients that she cares for.

It is amazing that Julie took time out of her holiday, away from her family, and personal income to make sure that a patient someone that Julie does not know and may not see again has warm clothes, boots and gloves to handle this harsh Michigan winter. It takes a very caring and compassionate nurse and person to perform this act of kindness.

Congratulate Julie Stewart