Jamilyn Kennell

Jamilyn Kennell, MSN, RN, OCN

5M-Medical Oncology
UPMC Shadyside
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Jamilyn provides exemplary care for her patients. She is an extremely knowledgeable advocate, is diligent in maintaining standards and professional practice (she serves as the chair for the PPDC) and connects very personally to the human suffering experienced by her oncology patients. During one recent shift, she spearheaded a birthday celebration for a patient who was hospitalized to receive chemotherapy and also shed tears for another patient who had just been paralyzed by the cancer she was unaware of prior to becoming paralyzed. The latter patient was young and had a teenage daughter who was going to be visiting her that day. Jamilyn spent a significant amount of time with her, preparing her for her daughter's visit. She did her hair, helped bathe her and used special lotions to reduce smells in the room. This patient had understandably experienced a myriad of emotions surrounding her diagnosis and new inability to care for herself in the manner she previously could. She was often withdrawn. After helping her clean up, Jamilyn sent her off the unit for a test. While she was gone Jamilyn enlisted her co-worker to help decorate the room with flowers they had all brightly colored. Jamilyn wanted to bring spring to her room. She returned from the test to her newly decorated room with the good news-that she would be able to try eating again! She smiled.

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