Courtney Sargent

Courtney Sargent

Courtney Sargent, RN

NCH Healthcare System
Naples, Florida
United States

...I delivered a 5 lb 5 oz baby boy. By noon he was taken to the NICU as his oxygen level was low and respiration rate was high. At 3:30 pm we were told that they had to intubate him and as a nurse myself that was something I did not want to hear. But I knew it was the best thing for him. Since I had preeclampsia I was on magnesium drip and unable to leave the L&D room. My husband was going back and forth between the NICU and my room. At 8:30 pm my phone rang, it was face-time and he was on the other end in the NICU! Courtney Sargent had suggested that he face-timed me so I could see my baby. She asked him if I had any questions and was very reassuring that she would take good care of him.

Courtney was very personable and confident in all she did; we had her for 5 nights of 6 nights for the 1st week. Our son was a hard stick for IVs and had multiple attempts to get a PICC line in. She always made sure his IVs were working and if they were questionable she would make sure he had adequate access. Courtney was also proactive in letting us touch and interact with our baby. She also got an ok to finally hold him and took pictures of us. For all this, this is why I believe she should be awarded the DAISY Award. We are forever grateful for her care. Thank you Courtney for being an awesome Nurse!!!

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