Billie Niehoff

Billie Niehoff

Billie Niehoff, RN

Occupational Health
US Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Cuba
United States

Billie entertained me, very professional, excellent job!!

Billie is super nice and always optimistic

Billie is good, thank you for your help

...On a daily basis, Billie goes out of her way to touch patients. Specially taking the time with our foreign national patients to explain and make sure they understand what was explained during their appointment. Even explaining medications from other clinics, and why they are important for them.

...I have witnessed Billie provide professional and compassionate care with a thorough regard of the patient as an individual with specific needs. Her interaction and positive teamwork, and attitude has resulted in a more professional and efficient department, culminating into an effective leadership/directorate.

Congratulate Billie Niehoff