Anne Merrill

Anne Merrill

Anne Merrill, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Wearing two hats at once is never an easy task. This, however, is how Anne Merrill, 4/5M & 6N Surgical, worked through one particularly busy weekend with ease. In the words of her colleague nominator, "No matter how hectic it gets, Anne remains calm, compassionate and cheerful."

Anne's nominator witnessed her in action one particular day in June. Tactfully "wearing two hats". Anne helped with everything from starting IVs, to giving bedpans, calling physicians, she did it all. Despite the hectic day, Anne still found the time to stop what she was doing to lend an ear and shoulder to a patient who needed it most.

Anne never fails to be kind, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help. I respect and admire her deeply.

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