6M General Medicine Team
August 2020
6M General Medicine
at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
United States
Afroz Zyaei, RN;
Alimamy J Kai-Kai, RN;
Andrea Mclean, RN;
April Miranda, RN;
Aurbyn Harvey, RN;
Carlos A Perez, RN;
Carrie Watkins, RN;
Chantail Comeaux, RN;
Chika Ayozie, RN;
Chioma Adanna Dedeibe, RN;
Cindy Thanh Fu, RN;
Cinimol Alex Madathilthaze, RN;
Cordelia Alikah, RN;
Danielle Monreal, RN;
Emilia Uzoma, RN;
Erica Ramtahal, RN;
Esther P Ahiabor, RN;
Eva D Alagar, RN;
Gisel Espinoza, RN;
Isabelita Gallegos, RN;
Jacklyn O'Donnell, RN;
Jenny Dare, RN;
Justine Jamilosa, RN;
Kaila Bell, RN;
Karen Kazalinsk-Desilets, RN;
Katrina Sangalang, RN;
Kaylor Edwards, RN;
Lakambini A. Polido, RN;
Larry Y Ong, RN;
Le Pham, RN;
Ligaya Yambao, RN;
Loraine Cinco, RN;
Ma Isabelita Sagmit, RN;
Marie Elaine Remigoso, RN;
Mariel Parayno, RN;
Melissa Trejo, RN;
Noemi A Diaz, RN;
Olugbenga Akinola, RN;
Osayi Marion Ero, RN;
Rachel D Gubbels, RN;
Rene Dollete, RN;
Sarina Lupita Soto, RN;
Siyamol Cyriac, RN;
Winifred Agada, RN;
Yessenia Avalos, RN;
Yolorna J Causing, RN;
Yu-Yuan Cheng, RN




At the beginning of our COVID outbreak, it is understandable for the nursing staff to be scared or afraid of the unknown, unsure of how to properly protect themselves, and be worried if they will transmit/expose this to their loved ones. Many questions floating around, so much so that nurses on some floors would refuse to admit or take care of the COVID on their units, and would even request to have the patient sent to another unit, but not 6M. We here in the house supervisors' office extend our appreciation to the staff of 6M. Their charge nurses never complained when we called for a bed assignment for a PUI/COVID patient, nor the floor nurses bickering about it not being their turn or not wanting the patient; and although you could hear the tiredness in their voices, they never verbalized it. So THANK YOU to the staff of 6M for your hard work, dedication, and compassionate care that you provide to your patients, and for your patience and understanding that you show to us here in the OA's office. Thank you for all that you do. KUDOS! We appreciate you.