Arizona League of Nursing (AzLN)

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The Arizona League for Nursing (AzLN) was formed in 2010 by a small group of nurse educators that believe in the mission and vision of the National League for Nursing, Inc. (NLN). AzLN is recognized as an affiliate constituent of the National League for Nursing, Inc. (NLN), in which the AzLN adopts the bylaws and policies consistent with the NLN. The AzLN supports and implements the mission of the NLN by helping advance quality nursing education to meet the unique needs of diverse populations in an ever-changing health care environment at the constituent level.

Since 2010, our members have grown throughout Arizona, many with multi-year memberships. We have partnered with our professional colleagues to bring nationally known educators to Arizona once or twice a year for conferences and actively participated in the annual NLN Summit. We offer mentoring, collaboration, online webinars, and scholarship opportunities to members.

The AZLN functions include:

  • To promote the services of the NLN.
  • To promote faculty development and quality nursing education.
  • To serve as a monitor for public policy issues related to the education of nurses.
  • To identify, recruit, engage, and develop members for constituent and national leadership.
  • To develop alliances at the constituent level to advance.
  • To serve as a channel of communication between NLN and the League’s members.

Each year the AzLN prepares and monitors progress towards a strategic plan. The strategic plan consists of four goals, which also specify further goals and future direction for the organization:

Goal I: Leader in Nursing Education- Enhance the NLN’s national and international impact as the recognized leader in nursing education.

  • Engage in influencing Arizona’s forces of change affecting nursing education.
  • Improve awareness of the mission and vision of the NLN among nurse educators within the state of Arizona.

Goal II: Commitment to Members- Build a diverse, sustainable, member-led organization with the capacity to deliver our mission effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with our values.

  • Promote League expansion and diversity with active participation among members. 
  • Expand engagement of current members.

Goal III: Champion for Nurse Educators- Be the voice of nurse educators and champion their interests in political, academic, and professional arenas.

  • Serve as the liaison between the NLN and the AzLN membership, promoting NLN products and services for the professional development of each member.
  • Explore mentorship and support for the professional development of nurse educators in the state of Arizona.

Goal IV: Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education- Promote evidence-based nursing education and the scholarship of teaching.

  • Promote evidence-based nursing education standards and the scholarship of learning

We would like to sincerely thank our professional colleagues and members for their ongoing support of our organization!