Supportive Association Joint Awards

Some of our supportive associations implement DAISY Awards to recognize their members and/or state chapters.

Black Nurses Rock (BNR)*

In September of 2020 BNR became a supportive association of DAISY, where we mutually support each other’s missions and brainstorm on how we can work together. Asa result, they decided to implement the DAISY Award for Advancing Health Equity to recognize chapters across the country and highlight excellence in nursing in local communities. In April 2021 the first team award was presented to the Twin Cities chapter. BNR plans to give one team and one individual award out per year. 2022 Nominations now open here.

MONL-Missouri Organization of Nurse Leaders

The MONL DAISY Nurse Leader Award was established to recognize exceptional nursing leadership that demonstrates compassion and respect for the care frontline nurses provide. These leaders value celebrating the impact staff have on patients and their families and create an environment where compassion is valued and recognized. 

DAISY partner organizations in Missouri can submit the previous year’s DAISY Nurse Leader Honorees to MONL who will select an annual recipient. The recipient is recognized at their annual conference, where they will receive a specially designed Healers Touch sculpture, certificate, and a one-year paid membership!

Local National League for Nursing Chapters: The DAISY Nurse Leader Award for Nursing Clinical Educators

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award for Nursing Clinical Educators, formerly known as the DAISY Nurse Leader Award for Extraordinary Nurse Educators, was established in 2021 in collaboration with the Wisconsin League for Nursing (WLN) and The DAISY Foundation™. The WLN expanded collaboration in 2022 to include the Arizona and New Jersey Leagues for Nursing. The purpose of the Award is to recognize exceptional nurses in clinical practice or simulation who exhibit, inspire, and nurture compassion and respect amongst peers, mentees, students or colleagues. These nurses directly influence learning in clinical practice/simulation and play a crucial role in the formation of exceptional frontline nurses. In turn, these individuals encourage nurses or nursing students to exhibit acts of compassion and build relationships with patients and families.

Nurses eligible for this Award include those who influence and develop nurses or nursing students at the site of direct or simulated patient care. Eligible nurses include those who are formal educators by title/role and informal educators not defined by their job description or title.

Learn more here.


The International Home Care Nurses Organization (IHCNO) launched a DAISY Award for their members in 2020 to recognize home care nurses or midwives throughout the world for the care and compassion they provide. Nominations are collected throughout the year and reviewed by a committee of experienced home care nurses.  Read about the 2020 recipient here.


The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) has launched a series of DAISY Health Equity Awards to recognize members and state chapters who go above and beyond to address health equity and work to mitigate one or more of the social determinants of health.

The first awards will be presented at their annual conference in July 2022 and include:

  • NBNA DAISY Health Equity Award for Frontline Registered Nurse
  • To recognize excellence of a Frontline Registered Staff Nurse who goes over and beyond to address health equity and work to mitigate one or more of the social determinants of health.
  • NBNA DAISY Health Equity Award for LPN / LVN Nurse
  • To recognize excellence of an LPN/LVN in clinical practice who goes over and beyond to address health equity and work to mitigate one or more of the social determinants of health.
  • NBNA DAISY Health Equity Award Student Award
  • To recognize and encourage extraordinary and compassionate care by students in their clinical rotations and beyond to address health equity.
  • NBNA DAISY Health Equity Chapter President Leadership Award
  • To recognize excellent leadership by a chapter president who exemplifies extraordinary leadership to advance the mission and vision of NBNA by addressing health equity while meeting the needs of the community.
  • NBNA DAISY Health Equity for the NBNA Chapter (Team) Award
  • To recognize a chapter for their team efforts and activities that address health equity by going above and beyond caring for patients and family members who are from historically, medically, and underserved populations that bear the burden of health disparities.


In 2021 the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) added a DAISY Team Award for Advancing Health Equity as a category of their National Excellence Achievement Awards which are given out at their annual conference.   This award recognizes chapter members who:

  • Are role models of collaboration and teamwork during community health initiatives.
  • Create initiatives in the community promoting health equity that address social determinants of health (i.e., economic stability, education access and quality, health care access and quality, neighborhood and build environment, social and community context).
  • Demonstrate a culture of compassion, trust, respect, stewardship, professionalism, integrity, and excellence with the target community and/or population.

The PNA Metro DC COVID-19 Task Force team were the inaugural recipients. Read their nomination here.


The National Association of Indian Nurses in America (NAINA) implemented the NAINA-DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity to honor nurses whose work advances health equity and helps in mitigating health disparities that are existing in the present healthcare environment. NAINA will be honoring and recognizing an individual nurse and a NAINA chapter each year who have contributed toward health equity through education, community partnerships, and active involvement with policymakers. The first awards were presented at their Gala event in October 2021.  

*Health Equity Awards for these associations are made possible by the generous support of Careismatic Brands