Ritual of Recognition: Ideas and Resources During COVID-19


Clearly, these days, given the pandemic, it is not "business as usual" so we thank you for continuing to honor your nurses on an ongoing basis with The DAISY Award. We know you might have to get creative with future selection and celebrations but now more than ever they need this encouragement and recognition. Click Here for a message from DAISY co-founders Bonnie and Mark Barnes about why recognition is especially meaningful in the age of the coronavirus. Feel free to share this with your nurses.

Below are new offerings to recognize those on the front-line fighting COVID-19 as well as best practice ideas to keep your DAISY program in motion. 

We are here if you have any questions and look forward to our continued partnership in honoring your Extraordinary Nurses and Nurse-led Teams!

Dedication Items:

We have created several new dedication items to recognize the compassion and courage your nurses are demonstrating during this time. 

  • A 4'x4' poster/banner that can be signed and hung permanently as a tribute to all on the front line fighting COVID-19.


  • A 13"x 10.5" plaque commemorating this time:


  • To acccompany the banner and plaque, United in Caring dedication pins for your team are available for pre-order. These are due to arrive in mid-May and may ship separately from your banner or plaque order. 


To order the banner, plaque or pre-order dedication pins, click here

A Video from our President and DAISY Co-founder, Bonnie Barnes thanking nurses for all they are doing is available and can be played at anytime. View here.  For our Academic partners, we have created two special video messages for students and facility. Click here for a special message to student nurses and click here for a message to nursing faculty.

Special DAISY gifts, including our book, Shining the Light On All the Right, are available here.

These ideas are in addition to the current Team Award we offer.

We also wanted to share this beautiful tribute. Many facilities have a Large Healer's Touch Sculpture that they unveil during a special ceremony. You might want to consider unveiling a Large Healer's Touch Sculpture dedicated to everyone involved in fighting COVID-19. Below is a photo from a hospital in California. For Nurses Week last year, they had each of their nurses write on a stone a word or sentiment that meant something to them as a healthcare provider. They then placed the stones around their Sculpture. For more information: https://www.daisyfoundation.org/daisy-award/healers-touch

Or, order here


Additional Resources:
DAISY has partnered with Cherokee Uniforms for their "Art From The Heart' campaign, which includes an online gallery of kids' tributes to nurses on Scrubs Magazine. It's a great opportunity for students to support frontline healthcare workers, and show them how much their communities are behind them. Kids can get involved in the following ways:

• Create a piece of art or message of thanks to nurses. It can be a card, letter, drawing, painting — anything that's creative and caring.
• Do they have a favorite nurse (a friend, school nurse or family member, perhaps) they want to honor? Do they want to be a nurse someday? Or do they just want to say "Thank You" or "Nurses Rock"?
• Only digital submissions will be accepted!

Please visit https://scrubsmag.com/art-from-the-heart/ to learn more about the campaign and to view the "Art From The Heart" gallery on ScrubsMag.com for millions of nurses and readers around the world to see and appreciate. The campaign will run through the end of May to honor National Nurses Month.

They have also created an educational element for students to learn more about the nursing profession, types of nurses and a page dedicated to Florence Nightingale https://scrubsmag.com/florence-nightingale-founder-modern-nursing/.
Here is a video link to the campaign. https://www.facebook.com/cherokeeuniforms/videos/231439274617753/

DAISY is also partnering with Chamberlain University's #careforcaregivers campaign. Help us shine the light on all the right that is going on NOW. We are encouraging nurses to see in themselves and their colleagues what your patients and families see – extraordinary, memorable care and we encourage patients and families to document those care moments here as well. Click here to learn more or to submit your stories and experiences!


Best Practice Ideas for Your DAISY Program 

Collecting Nominations - Go Electronic!

To learn more about creating electronic nominations, click here.

Selection Committee - Virtual Meetings:

Pre-selection by DAISY Coordinator, who then scans and emails the pre-selected nominations to Committee members.

Committee members read and score nominations to be sent back to DAISY Coordinator. If you don't have a scoring system/rubric, click here to download an example or they can send back their top three or five selections. 

Use Skype/Teams/FaceTime/Zoom/other platforms for the committee to use for virtual discussion.

Continue to recognize your Nominees with their nomination/thank you card/pin.

Presentations - Consider:

Record the Award celebration between Honoree and CNO (or Dean if in an academic setting) to then share with the organization/friends and family of Honoree/Nominator/ on social media and website.

Broadcast the Award celebration on one of your patient channels so that people can watch on their TV or smart devices.

Use Skype/Teams/FaceTime/Zoom/other platforms to include the person who wrote the nomination and include the Honorees family.

Smaller audience or a one-on-one meeting with the CNO (or Dean if in an academic setting) to celebrate the Honoree for now.

Plan a way to bring all those nurses recognized during this difficult time together for a larger reception at a later date.

In the coming weeks...

An "In Memoriam" section will be added to our website to honor nurses who have lost their lives fighting COVID-19. To add someone to the page, please email Christina Johnson at christinajohnson@DAISYFoundation.org.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. We all need you today and for the long haul. Don't ever forget the difference you make every day with everything you do. We are here for you, as you are always here for us as patients and families.