Our Gratitude To


Cinnamon rolls were Pat's favorite treat and Cinnabon® has been a supporter of DAISY since 2001! Each Nurses Week, all nurses are invited to enjoy a free cinnamon roll at participating bakeries to remind nurses how special they are.


Sharing the extraordinary stories of DAISY Honorees is an important goal for us at DAISY. Nurse.com has helped us celebrate our Honorees for many years and in 2017 created the first DAISY Digital Resource Guide. Each year this is updated with valuable information for our DAISY community.

Psychological Associates is a firm of behavioral scientists who apply behavioral science principles to the work place to improve staff performance. Their fifty years of experience has proven that increasing synergy, collaboration, candor, and trust to business practices/strategies leads to better business outcomes. In their health care practice, PA offers a variety of services to create and sustain a healthy work environment, developing leaders "from the bedside to the boardroom." PA's health care team members have worked in hospitals for many years as physicians, nurses and administrators.
PA is responsible for the literature review about Meaningful Recognition and a special study on the impact of The DAISY Award, all donated to DAISY to help us understand the impact recognition in general and our program specifically has on nurses' workplace and commitment to their work and colleagues. Our profound gratitude to Dr. Cindy Lefton, RN, PhD, Rick Breugger, M.A., and Suzanne Kern for their fine work.

Managing the growth of The DAISY Award had become a real challenge as the number of participating hospitals exceeded 200, our contact list grew exponentially, our communications needs became more complex, and AONE offered to help us expand the program even further. We knew we needed to find a more efficient, technology-based method of being responsive to all the hospitals that are interested in The DAISY Award and for handling the program's numerous details. We found the perfect tool in Salesforce.com, a web-based customer relationship management service. How fortunate we are that the company's vision includes using its people, technology, and relationships to help benefit communities. Our profound gratitude to the Salesforce.com Foundation for donating this extraordinary service to DAISY.


Joe Tye, CEO and Head Coach at Values Coach, Inc., has a great saying: "Proceed until apprehended." That is the basis for building a Culture of Ownership that is positive and productive for all healthcare staff, leading to great patient outcomes. Based on bringing individual values as drivers of behaviors and attitudes, Values Coach's training, consulting, and education helps organizations transform their culture, resulting in sustained organizational outcome improvements. Joe is an exciting and inspiring speaker, writer (don't miss The Florence Prescription and Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare, coauthored with Bob Dent, among many other excellent books), and a strong believer in the power of recognition. His support for DAISY is evident in everything he does, and we are deeply grateful for his friendship and fervent belief in our mission.