Nurses Week

Nurses Week is a Great Time to Honor Nurse-Led Teams, Nurse Leaders, Multi-Nominees, Multi-Honorees, and NEW This Year, The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award! Team Award orders Need to be Received by April 8th, and all other orders no later than April 22nd. See Below for More Information or Contact Us

Team Award

DAISY recognizes nurse-led teams. Often, an idea to achieve better patient and family outcomes may start one individual, however, it takes an entire team to implement the idea successfully. The DAISY Team Award is designed to honor collaboration by two or more individuals, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and/or patient family needs by going above and beyond.

The DAISY Team Award package includes: 1 DAISY Team Award Plaque (engraved with the team name), 4 DAISY Foundation certificate portfolios and 4 DAISY Team Award pins. Should your team by larger than 4 individuals, additional certificate portfolios and/or pins can be added to the order. For more details visit:


Nurse Leader Award

The DAISY Foundation is dedicated to recognizing all the ‘right’ done by nurses and we believe that compassionate leadership is indeed ‘right.’ Choosing to recognize your nurse leaders with this award, shines a public spotlight on their unique brand of leadership and the compassionate patient care they support and promote.

Many organizations opt to use the DAISY Nurse Leader Award to recognize Assistant Managers, Managers, Directors, Charge Nurses, Educators, Chief Nursing Officers, Preceptors, Informatics Nurses and Patient Flow Nurses. The DAISY Nurse Leader Award package includes: 1 DAISY Foundation certificate portfolio, 1 DAISY Nurse Leader Honoree pin and 1 specially designed ‘Healer’s Touch’ sculpture. For more details visit:

Lifetime Achievement Award

The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize those nurses who have devoted their life's work to the compassionate care of others. Recipients of this award are nominated for their dedication to nursing through active mentoring, role modeling, advocating for their patients and promoting the positive image of nursing. They serve as a beacon of inspiration to those at all stages of their career and in the various and important roles of nursing. The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award package includes:


Celebrating Multi-Nominees and Multi-Honorees

When a patient, family member or colleague takes the time to nominate a nurse for The DAISY Award it is worthy of acknowledgement which is why we want DAISY Nominees to be recognized with a DAISY Nominee pin.  Many nurses are nominated multiple times which speaks volumes to the care and compassion they are bringing to their patients, families and practice every day.  You can celebrate this achievement by special ordering multi-nomination pins. The green pin is for nurses who have been nominated 5 or more times and the platinum pin is usually for 10 or more nominations however you can designate your own benchmarks.

Similarly, some facilities have nurses who have received The DAISY Award more than once and want to do something special to recognize them for this. Also available for special order for your Multi- Honorees is a specially designed Celebratory Healer's Touch sculpture. While the traditional Healer's Touches are reserved just for our DAISY Nurse Honorees, we do have these beautiful sculptures available for purchase for special occasions including recognizing those who have received the DAISY Award multiple times, the retirement of your Chief Nursing Officer, or other nurse within your organization that you want to celebrate with this gift. 

Both the multi-nominee pins and the Celebratory Healer's Touch sculpture can be ordered in our Resource Center or you can contact your Regional Program Director.