Maday Marin, RN

Miami, Florida
United States

I had the unfortunate experience of getting ill on my flight to Miami.  I was taken to the University of Miami Hospital directly from the plane.  After an extremely miserable night in the ER, I was admitted to 6N at about 1 am.  The next morning a soft-spoken nurse, Maday, introduced herself to me.  She immediately established a trustworthy connection.  When I used the call bell, she consistently came within a couple of minutes.  Also, she did what needed to be done, vitals, getting me water, and adjusting the lighting and arranging my room.  I became very frustrated with the length of time

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Cordie Chimenti, RN

Vero Beach, Florida
United States

I came to IRMC to have a scheduled heart ablation, but just a few days before, my wife was admitted as a patient. Cordie went out of her way to make sure my wife was transported and able to be with me for not only the ablation but the cath that followed. She cared and took it on her own to make sure we could be together. She knew the importance of us being together without being told. She explained things to me and my wife in a professional yet easily understood way. She was very caring, very positive and very professional. She is a great example of what a nurse should be.

Congratulate Cordie Chimenti

Sharon Lawton, RN, ASN

Atlanta, Georgia
United States

A patient in TICU was scheduled to be discharged. The patient was on Viagra (which requires a prior authorization)-the medicine had been approved but not delivered yet to the home so there would not have been any available medicine at discharge. Sharon (who wasn't even the pt's RN) called the pharmacy to ask for two doses for discharge as that would provide the patient with what she needed until her own med was delivered the following day. Sharon was told "no" (as were two other TICU RNs) because the pharmacy couldn't dispense discharge meds.

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Wendell McClurg, BSN, RN

Naples, Florida
United States

I would like to recognize Wendell for his top-notch leadership skills. He has created a culture unlike any others here at the Northeast ED. He is fair, patient, and extremely committed to us and our department. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He listens to our needs and concerns and always follows through with commitments. He believes in giving that second chance to all and building them up instead of tearing them down. Wendell truly has a passion for helping others succeed.


Congratulate Wendell McClurg

Anna Komoto, RN

Gainesville, Georgia
United States

In 2017, I was admitted into NGMC.  I started out in ICU and finally made it to the cardiology floor of the South Tower, also known as S3E.  I came to the floor suffering from a heart valve with vegetation growth, which was breaking off and going into my bloodstream.  Some of this vegetation went into the joint in my knee and had to be surgically removed; however, most of the broken valve went into my lung and created "infection cavities" throughout my lung. My condition stems from long-term drug abuse, more specifically, IV drug use.

Congratulate Anna Komoto

Kathy Swanson, BSN, MS, MBA, RN

Orlando, Florida
United States

At Arnold Palmer Medical Center President Kathy Swanson, RN creates an environment where the attributes of trust, compassion, mutual respect, continued professional development and ethical behavior are modeled and supported.

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Astrid Fleuridor, RN

Boynton Beach, Florida
United States

Astrid demonstrates all that is right with nursing. She takes the time to get to know the patient on a personal level (and the family too!). Astrid's awesome personality made my Mom's stay at the hospital a pleasant one. Where no one else could get my Mom to eat, Astrid took the time to sit with my Mom and feed her and encouraged her to feed herself. She listened to my Mom when she said her arm was itching and she switched out that brand with another brand and the itching went away.

Congratulate Astrid Fleuridor

Pam Taylor, RN

Tampa, Florida
United States

A day last Fall started out like most other days with dropping the kids off at school, grocery shopping, and the like. With a week to go until my induction date, I planned on finishing up a few last items on my 'before the baby comes' to-do list and enjoying some rest time over the weekend ahead. But after dinner that Friday night at 9 pm, I started to feel unwell. Out of nowhere, I had one horrible contraction. Then one more about 3 minutes behind it.

Congratulate Pam Taylor

Nathan Heathcoat, RN, BSN

Jacksonville, Florida
United States

My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and underwent multiple surgeries and treatments. From the first moment to his last breath, he received extraordinary care from the Baptist Medical Center staff.

Congratulate Nathan Heathcoat

Lori Whitlock, RN

Spartanburg, South Carolina
United States

Recently our lives were shattered when we found out by a telephone call that our son/brother had been admitted after a horrific car accident. Arriving at an unfamiliar hospital in an unfamiliar city can be very traumatic, but we were greeted like family by all the members of the SMC staff. Tragically, our brother/son was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a fatal head injury. He was 32 years old. During those horrific few days in ICU, he was pronounced brain dead, and as anyone would expect, we were absolutely heartbroken and struggling with our grief.

Congratulate Lori Whitlock


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