Sulay Cribeiro, RN, BSN

Miami, Florida
United States

Sulay is such an exceptional team member of our NICU. In her short time here she has shown leadership skills, compassion, and teamwork to name a few. She cares for our NICU patients like they were her own. She takes her time to explain and demonstrate feeding and swaddling techniques to the parents. In times of sorrow, she is there to stand by the parents and be the strength they need when their child passes away. From saying comforting words to just physically being there in silence if that's what they need.

Congratulate Sulay Cribeiro

Chanetta Moore, RN

Birmingham, Alabama
United States

My son was in a motorcycle crash that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, collapsed lung, multiple pelvic fractures, a broken arm, and knee fracture.  My daughter-in-law and I were unaware of the stages of recovery and were anxious and “in the dark” about his agitation, delirium, emotional swings and bodily changes.  Chanetta evidenced she is a nurturer by nature, comforted us through her demeanor, actions and most importantly, kindness and understanding.  Her natural ability to nurture was not missed by her patient, who would respond positively to her requests.

Congratulate Chanetta Moore

Shelby DuCharme, RN

Austell, Georgia
United States

Shelby has consistently displayed compassion, kindness, sincerity, and trustworthiness with her patients.  A recent patient of Shelby’s was so taken with her compassion and tender care that she invited her to her 90th birthday party.  Shelby was very happy to attend on her day off and continued to display the kindness and sincerity that she shows at work.   This patient said: “Shelby was very, very attentive and most helpful – and she deserves this DAISY Award.”  Shelby continues to go above and beyond her ‘job title’ and does what a true nurse does – give kind and compassionate care – ever

Congratulate Shelby DuCharme

Gabby Steeples-Davis, RN, BSN, BLS, ACLS

Atlanta, Georgia
United States

On Christmas Day, I was the charge nurse in the PICU working to make sure that all staff and families were taken care of. Our attending came up to me and mentioned in passing that transport was coming to bring a patient of ours to Emory to see her mom. I was confused and went to speak with the bedside RN to figure out what was happening. I came up to Gabby and she was beaming as she described how she was able to arrange Transport for her patient, recovering from spinal surgery, to visit her ill mother who was inpatient at Emory Hospital. This is the account from the Gabby’s perspective:

Congratulate Gabby Steeples-Davis

Mark McEachin, RN

Columbus, Georgia
United States

Mark, RN is remarkable!  Being a fellow RN for over 20 years, I know how difficult it is to be in charge and responsible for patient care. It takes patience, persistence, and professionalism. He is a true asset to your organization and is an exemplary caregiver.  He showed the compassion needed for any patient.  He was professional, efficient, and practiced safety at all times while caring for my mother. Soon, he became an honorary family member to us. He has made my family's grasp of a life-transforming medical situation much easier.  We are forever grateful.

Congratulate Mark McEachin

Eden Alfinda, RN

Atlanta, Georgia
United States

EMS got a call to an offsite surgery center for a patient who had some complications during a procedure. They requested the assistance of an RN from the ED. It is very daunting to work outside your comfort zone in several ways, AND not having the comforting support of a well-organized team but Eden never hesitated. She helped to stabilize the patient and prepare for transport back to the ED for admission and treatment. The EMT's and the surgery center staff were extremely thankful and very impressed with Eden's skill and professionalism.

Congratulate Eden Alfinda

Maday Marin, RN

Miami, Florida
United States

I had the unfortunate experience of getting ill on my flight to Miami.  I was taken to the University of Miami Hospital directly from the plane.  After an extremely miserable night in the ER, I was admitted to 6N at about 1 am.  The next morning a soft-spoken nurse, Maday, introduced herself to me.  She immediately established a trustworthy connection.  When I used the call bell, she consistently came within a couple of minutes.  Also, she did what needed to be done, vitals, getting me water, and adjusting the lighting and arranging my room.  I became very frustrated with the length of time

Congratulate Maday Marin

Cordie Chimenti, RN

Vero Beach, Florida
United States

I came to IRMC to have a scheduled heart ablation, but just a few days before, my wife was admitted as a patient. Cordie went out of her way to make sure my wife was transported and able to be with me for not only the ablation but the cath that followed. She cared and took it on her own to make sure we could be together. She knew the importance of us being together without being told. She explained things to me and my wife in a professional yet easily understood way. She was very caring, very positive and very professional. She is a great example of what a nurse should be.

Congratulate Cordie Chimenti

Sharon Lawton, RN, ASN

Atlanta, Georgia
United States

A patient in TICU was scheduled to be discharged. The patient was on Viagra (which requires a prior authorization)-the medicine had been approved but not delivered yet to the home so there would not have been any available medicine at discharge. Sharon (who wasn't even the pt's RN) called the pharmacy to ask for two doses for discharge as that would provide the patient with what she needed until her own med was delivered the following day. Sharon was told "no" (as were two other TICU RNs) because the pharmacy couldn't dispense discharge meds.

Congratulate Sharon Lawton

Wendell McClurg, BSN, RN

Naples, Florida
United States

I would like to recognize Wendell for his top-notch leadership skills. He has created a culture unlike any others here at the Northeast ED. He is fair, patient, and extremely committed to us and our department. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He listens to our needs and concerns and always follows through with commitments. He believes in giving that second chance to all and building them up instead of tearing them down. Wendell truly has a passion for helping others succeed.


Congratulate Wendell McClurg


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