Beautiful blog about DAISY from our friends at LiquidCompass! The time for recognition of nurses is ALWAYS!

His Name Was Patrick: The Birth of the Meaningful Recognition Movement
The level of gratitude that family and loved ones feel when they have gone through a significant loss with the support of professional and compassionate nurses is hard to describe. There are many ways this gratitude is expressed. Sometimes it is in silence with a deep look into each other's eyes, a thank you that words cannot express. Sometimes words are used, but often don't feel adequate. Gratitude may come in a thank you letter. And sometimes, the loss is so overwhelming that it takes time to heal enough to feel the gratitude, much less express it.
One family found that the gratitude they felt for the nurses who took care of their son was so profound that it needed to be honored in a way that acknowledged not only the kindness, compassion and support they and their son experienced, but the excellence in his care. It was in contemplating how to best approach this that DAISY was born. From a place of deep gratitude DAISY has evolved to be a worldwide non-profit, devoted to meaningful recognition of nurses. Today the DAISY Award has become a beacon of acknowledgement to the extraordinary work nurses do every day.


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