Grants Funded

The DAISY Foundation is proud to announce the funding of the following research grants. If you would like us to connect you with the project team for any of these studies, please click here.

 GRANTED in 2018

Kelsey Suhr, RN, BSN, OCN; Cyndy Steen, RN, MSN, NEA-BC;  Robin Albrecht Thompson, RN, MSN, NEA-BC;  Breanna Weisbrod, MS, APRN, AGCNS-BC;  Jamie Leopold, RN, BSN, BA, BS, OCN;  Coralie Pickert, BSN, RN, OCN  The University of Kansas Hospital NEWS for BMT Patients
Kelly Lankin, MS, RN, CCRN-K; Patricia Hershberger, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FAAN; Teresa Savage, PhD, RN; Cynthia LaFond, PhD, RN, CCRN-K; Catherine Vincent, PhD, RN; Eileen Hacker, PhD, RN, APN, AOCN, FAAN The University of Illinois at Chicago Supporting Families Through the Acute Phase of the Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Experience: Perspectives From Parents and Nurses
Sabrina Orique, PhD, RN, AOCNS; Cassie Rodriguez, RN, CMSRN; Ashley Davis, RN; Tim Carrasco, RN, OCN; Pa Lee, RN Kaweah Delta Health Care District Oncology Missed Care
Madeline Johnston, BSN, RN. OCN; Clara Beaver, MSN, RN, AOCNS, ACNS, BC; Gail Grunkemeyer, BSN, RN; Jesse Martinovich, BSN, RN; Whitney Shanley, BSN, RN; Brenda Towers, RN Karmanos Cancer Institute Evaluating the Effect of a "Falls Safety Checklist" on Incidence of Fall Rates
Leanne Adamson, MS, RN, PCNS-BC, CPHON; Laura Hurwitz, BSN, RN; Kailey Kaiser, BSN, RN; Hillary Flanagan, BSN, RN Children's Hospital Colorado Icing Mucositis
Whitney Shanley, BSN RN; Cindy Murray, BScN, RN, BMTCN, OCN; Kayla Dever, RN BMTCN; Judith Abrams, PhD; Abbigail Salogar, BSN RN; Jill Merritt, BSN RN Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Hospital Predicting Fall Risk among Bone Marrow Transplant Patients


GRANTED in 2017

Theresa Gorman, MSN, RN, AOCNS, BMTCN; Kristen Bink, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, OCN; Amy Moore, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, OCN; Rebecca Trotta, PhD, RN; Stephen Palmer, PhD; Rosemary Polomano, PhD, RN, FAAN Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania  An Exploratory Analysis of Risk for Central-Line Associated Blood Stream Infections in the Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia Population
 September Mitchell, MHI, BSN, RN, OCN, CHTC; Melisa Dwyer, BSN, RN; Hazel Hofer, MSN, RN; Karla Liberator-Burch, BSN, RN , OCN; Sherry Sorensen, DNP, RN, OCN, CPHQ, NEA-BC; Julie Segovia, DNP, RN, NEA-BC Banner Gateway Medical Center/Banner MD Anderson Cancer CenterUniversity of Kansas Cancer Center Neutropenic Fever: Clinical Practice Standardization Across the Continuum of Care
 Susan Brady, BSN RN OCN ONN-CG; Mary Lou Sylwestrak, BSN RN OCN ONN-CG; Bonnie Schieder, EdD,MSN, APN,RN, CCRN; Heidi Wittse, BSN,RN, OCN; Charlotte Dioguardi, MA, BSN  Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Cancer survivors perceived knowledge of survivorship care after receiving a survivorship care plan and treatment summary
 Mary Conway, MSN RN CPHON; Courtney King, RN CPON; Tiffany Ruiz, BSN RN CPON; Leigh Hart, BSN RN CPON; Elizabeth Parry, BSN RN CPON; Andrew Needham, BSN RN Connecticut Children's Medical Center Identifying the Needs of Children with Cancer and Their Parents at the End of Treatment 
Joanne Cooper, PhD Nursing; Claire Smith, RN, BSc (Hons), PGDip, MA; Sarah Freer, RN, Dip, MSc; Alison Cowley,  MSCP, BSc (Hons), MA Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust   Identifying compassionate Esophagogastric cancer service care: a qualitative exploration of patient and service provider perceptions, experiences and expectations in England, United Kingdom 
Jiayin Ruan, MSN, RN; Ying Qian, BSN, RN; Linyan Yao, MSN, RN, MHLN; Yazhou Shen, BSN, RN Sir Run Run SHAW Hospital, affiliated w/ Zhejiang Univ. School of Medicine The illness experiences of Chinese patients living with lymphoma: a qualitative study


GRANTED in 2016

Mary Hersh, PhD,RN,FPCN,CHPN; Linda Lillington, RN, PhD; Megan Dolim, RN, MSN/Ed, RN, ONC; Clare Torres, BSN, RN, OCN 
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Implementing Nursing Presence to Improve Cancer Patients' Experiences during Hospitalization
Liza Rodriguez, APRN; Kelly Bosak, APRN, PhD; Tara Lin, MD University of Kansas Cancer Center Exploring Quality of Life in ASCT Patients
Kelly Moore, RN, OCN; DaiWai Olson, PhD, RN; Sonja Stutzman, PhD; Christie Nichols, BSN, RN, BMT-CN The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Investigating Onset of Chemobrain in Chemotherapy Patients: A Comparison of Early Versus Late Onset
Kenesha Bradley, MSN, RN, APRN, ACNS-BC; Deidre Dudley, DNS, MN,MS, RN-BC, NEA-BC; Rebecca Goldman, BSN, RN, OCN; Elizabeth Forys, BSN,RN; Maria Campbell, MSN,RN Ochsner Medical Center - Westbank Exploring the Relationship Between Therapeutic Activities and Chemotherapy Induced Anxiety
Pam DeGuzman, PhD, RN; Crystal Chu, RN, BSN; Jess Keim-Malpass, PhD, RN Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Walkability for Breast Cancer Survivors
Curlissa Mapp, APRN, MSN, ACNS-BC; Darlene Hostetler, RN, OCN; Catherine Parker, MSN, RN, OCN; Jill Sable, BSN, RN, OCN; Elizabeth Gouge, BSN, RN, OCN; Michelle Styles, RN  Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University An experimental study of the effect of a cool washcloth plus peppermint essential oil versus a cool washcloth alone on the intensity of nausea in patients receiving chemotherapy in the outpatient setting
Susan Granato, BSN, RN, OCN, CBCN; Karen Mott, BSN, RN, OCN, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapeutics Instructor; Kala Seetharaman, MD, BC Medical Oncology, BC Hematolgy; Rosemary Nelson, MS, RN; Mary Oster, MS; Dana Silva, BSN, MPH, RN  MetroWest Medical Center Caring for the Caregiver: A Pilot Study to Investigate the Impact of Restorative Yoga on Cancer-Caregivers’ Quality of Life. 
Lynn Lanier, MSN, RN; Alexandra Morrison, BSN, RN, CMSRN; Tammy Stafford, BSN, RN, RNC; Tammy Hussey, BSN, RN; Bobbi Clark, BSN, RN  FirstHealth of the Carolinas Preoperative Education for Breast Cancer Patients to Decrease Perioperative Anxiety
Nancy Delnay, MSN, RN CNP; Neil McNinch, MS RN; Mary Toth, MD; Everett Wu, DDS, DMD; Amy Kundmueller, MSN, RN Akron Children's Hospital  Periodontal Disease in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Maria Stevenson, RN; Rebecca Racey, RN; Susan Barrow, RN, MSCRN  Broward Health North Does Loratadine dosed pre and post pegfilgrastim injection decrease flu-like-syndrome symptoms and increase quality of life in patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy?
Tarsha Jones, PhD, RN, APHN-BC; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Meghan Underhill, PhD, RN, AOCNS; Eugenia Millender, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC, CDE  Florida Atlantic University Understanding needs of Black and Hispanic women with a cancer risk 


GRANTED in 2015

Mandy Johnson, RN MNHP CCRN; Barb Wenger, MS, RN, AOCNS, CRNI; Treichel Krista, RN, BSN, OCN; Sung-Jun Min, PhD; Mary Mancuso, MA
University of Colorado Hospital
Temperature Comparison in Cancer Patients (A)
Samantha Hayward, BSN, RN, CPHON; Lori MacLean, BSN, RN, CPON; Angie Blackwell, BSN, RN, CPHON; Katie Gerberding, BA, RN, CPHON
CHOC Children's Hospital
A Pilot Study Examining the Feasibility of a Three Days a Week Heparin Locking Regimen in Non-infusing Long-term Tunneled Catheters in Pediatric Oncology Patients
Vanessa Bathfield; Jennifer Zanotti, MS, RN; Amy Goldberg, RN, MSN, CPNP, CNS, CPN; Donna Estrella, BSN, RN; Pamela Miller, PhD, RN, ACNP, CNS
UCLA Health
Does the use of a standardized care journal affect parent perceptions of empowerment and engagement with the healthcare team on a pediatric oncology unit?
Samantha Claire Morrison, MA, NP; Richard Piccuito, RN, AD; Elizabeth Henderson, RN; Mary Lou Siefert, DNSc, RN, AOCN®  
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Reduction of post-mastectomy pain with the Jacki Jacket: A randomized pilot
Courtney King, RN, CPON; Tiffany Ruiz, BSN, RN; Leigh Hart, BSN, RN, CPON; Andrew Needham, BSN, RN 
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Needs of Children with Cancer and their Parents at End of Treatment Questionnaires: The Validation Process
Dinah Philbrick, BSN, RN; Kristina Olang, BSN, RN, BC; Kristen Nelson, BS, RN, BC; Christine Stueck-Ludwig, AAS, BS, RN, CAPA
Northern Westchester Hospital
Comparison of Laboratory Values Drawn from Saline Lock Devices to Samples from Peripheral Venipuncture
Tara Albrecht, Ph.D., RN, ACNP-BC; Rachel Cloutier, M.S., RN, ACNP-BC; Leroy Thacker II, PhD; Mary Lynn Davis Ajami, Ph.D., M.B.A., RN, FNP-C
Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems
Cardiovascular risks in cancer survivors
Lisa Letzkus, MSN, RN, CPNP-AC, CCRN; Cheryl Hubbard, BSN, RN; Cindy Quick, BSN, RN; Suzanne Cullen, RN  
University of Virginia Health System
Pediatric Platelet Administration


GRANTED in 2014

Joanne Quillen, MSN, PNP-BC, CPON; Erin Young, RN, BSN, CPON Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children of The Nemours Foundation Identifying Barriers among Childhood Cancer Survivors transitioning to adult health care.
 Laurie Curnan, RN, CCRN, CPON Palm Beach Children's Hospital at St Mary's Medical Center Adolescents with Cancer Finding Ease
Caroline Morrison, MSN, RN University of Cincinnati AYA HSCT Regimen Management
Valorie Brooks, BSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS Greenville Health System (JPB) Chemo Brain and Breast Cancer
Leorey Saligan, PhD, CRNP National Institute of Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health Clinician-Administered Saligan Fatigue Inventory
Sue McCann, MSN, RN, DNC Universtiy of Pittsburgh CTCL Caregiver's Quality of Life
Heather Taylor, BSN, RN, CPON St. Louis Children's Hospital Deconditioning in Transplant
Barbara Cuccovia, MSN, RN, CPON Boston Children's Hospital Detecting clinical deterioration in the HSCT patient
Kashmir Horton, BSN, RN, OCN Banner Good Samaritan Medical Canter Exercise Program to Combat Fatigue
Elinar Lowry, PhD, RN, CHFN University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital Experience of 131I-MIBG for Children, Parents, and Nurses
Stephanie Ferguson, BSN, RN Norton Suburban Hospital F-NAT Development and Validation
Monique Washington, RN, MS APHN-BC The Louis Stokes Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center Impact of Telehealth on QOL in MS-AD Pilot
Dayna Summe, BSN, OCN St. Elizabeth Healthcare Nutritional Support for Under-Nourished Cancer Patients
Jessica Copacia, BSN,MS,CPNP-AC; Rajinder Bajwa, MD; Vanita Pal, Pharm. D The Research Institute Nationwide Children's Hospital 70% Ethanol for Decontamination
Linda DuPuis-Rosen, RN, BSN, OCN Stanford Hospital and Clinics Prevalence of Vit. D deficiency in HSCT and a risk for GVHD.
Margaret Bryant, RN, BSN; Tammy Taylor, RN, BSN, ASRT(R); Yvette Twum-Danso, CNS, RN, MSN, CCRN; Teresa Fleming, MSN, RN-BC; Dawn Morales, PhD; Emanueal Smith, BS WJB Dorn VA Medical Center Nurse Telehealth for Symptom Management

GRANTED in 2013

Jill Benedeck, BSN, RN, OCN; Gail Myers, RN; Kathy Krenz, RN; Jennifer Kennedy, MSN, RN-BC Centenegra Sage Cancer Center Treatment of Radiation Dermatitis from External Beam radiation w/ Leptospermum Honey in Breast Cancer patients
Tracy Gosselin, PhD, RN, AOCN; Kim Slusser, MSN, RN, CHPN; Deborah Allen, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, AOCNP; Christina David, MSN, RN, OCN; Caroline Smithson, BSN, RN; Sarah Weingard, BSN, RN Duke University School of Nursing Transitional Oncology Care (TOC)
Edith Brutcher, ANP-BC, AOCNP; Tiffany Barrett, MS RD CSO LD;  Emory Winship Cancer Institute Zinc Deficiency in GI Cancer Patients
Chandra Kinney, RN, MSN; Jessica Kozuki, RN, MSN, AOCNP, NP-C, CNS; Lorraine Evangelista, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN Hoag Hospital Foundation The Oncology Oral Care Protocol (Phase I)
 Angela "Angie" Anderson, MSN, APRN-BC; Rachael Mooberry, BSN, RN Nebraska Medical Center  Sensitivity and Reliability CAPC Criteria
Dia Byrne, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, OCN; Jean Viehweg, RN; Denise Barnes, ADN; Stephanie Thompson, BSN;  St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute Comparing Push-Pull vs Discard Blood Sample Method
Anne Delengowski, RN, MSN, AOCN; Justine O'Connor, RN, BSN, OCN; Colleen Sweeney, RN, BSN, OCN; Elizabeth Benedetti, RN, BSN, OCN; Joann Silcox, RN, MSN; Christine Muldoon, RN, BSN, OCN Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Exercise and hospitalized leukemia patients
Clare Crump, BSN, RN-BC, OCN, PHN; Linda Lillington, DNSc, RN; Mary Hersh, PhDc, RN, CHPN, FPCN Torrance Memorial Medical Center Practice Guideline for Cancer Pain Management
Deborah Boyle, MSN, RN, AOCNS, FAAN; Ruth Mulnard, DNSc, RN, CNRN, CIP, FAAN; Cheryl Simkins, BSN, RN, CCRN; Donna Grochow, MSN, RN; Sherry Carter, BSN, RN; Charlene Miranda-Wood, MS, RNC-OB University of California, Irvine Medical Center FAMEOL
Elizabeth Cullen, ARNP, MSN; Jennifer Lee, PhD, MA; Keela Herr, PhD, MSN; Kim Eppen, PhD, MPT; Laura Frey-Law, PhD, MPT, MS; Kathleen Janz, EdD, MA University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Efficacy of a Home Exercise Program for Lung Caner Survivors
Anna Evans, MSN, RN, CPNP, CPHON; Mary Baron Nelson, PhD, RN, CPNP; Cassie Garrelson, BSN; Eliza Pedroja, BSN Children's Hospital Los Angeles The Use of Aromatherapy to Reduce Chemotherapy-induced Nausea in Children with Cancer
Amy Moore, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC; Rebecca Trotta, PhD, RN; Steven Palmer, PhD Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Pain and Distress in Adult Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy Patients
Angela Nooner, RN, BSN, MBA; Kathleen Dwyer, PhD, RN; Lise DeShea, PhD OU Medical Center Improving quality of life with imagery and relaxation
Marlon Saria, PhD(c), RN, AOCNS; Sally Maliski, PhD, RN, FAAN; Adeline Nyamathi, PhD, ANP, FAAN, Linda Phillips, PhD, RN, FAAN; Annette Stanton, PhD; Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD UC San Diego and UCLA Caregivers of patients with brain metastasis

GRANTED in 2012

Ann Stratton, MSN, RN, CNP, CPHON; Laurie Varga, MSN, RN, CNP, CPON; Amanda Ludban, BSN, RN;  Akron Children's Hospital Sleep in Pediatric Oncology Patients
Jessica Diver, MSN, CPNP-AC; Danielle VanDamme, MSN, CPNP-AC; Elizabeth Smythe, BSN, RN; Patricia Rayner, PharmD; Rebecca Farren, MSN, CPNP Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation Color-Coded Medication System
Denise Anthes, RN, BSN, MBA, HTCP, HTCI, HNB-BC; Loudes Lorenz, RN,MSN-IH,NEA-BC, AHN-BC, HTPa; Marilyn Haas, PhD, RN, CNS, ANP-BC; Vallire Hooper, PhD, RN, CPAN, FAAN Mission Health System Impact of Acupressure Therapy on Incidence/Sverity of CONV, Quality of Life and Perceived Self-Efficacy/Empowerment
Kim Delk, BSN, RN, CPN; Tara Lynch, MS, CCLS; Blair Simmons, CCLS; Julian Cate, CCLS;  Mission Health System Inclusion of Siblings in Therapeutic Play
Anita Catlin, DNSc, FNP, FAAN; Marilee Ford, BSN, MA; Wendy Gaus, MSN; Debbie Ginn, RN; Shawna Swetech, RN, Christine Armigo, MSN Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Determining Family Needs in an Oncology Hospital Unit Using Art, Interview and 



Jeanette Kates, MSN, RN, GNP-BC Duquesne University Treatment-related decisional conflict, quality of life and comorbid illness in older adults with cancer
Diane Serra, FN, HN-BC,MS,L,Ac; Manjeet Chadha, MD Beth Israel Medical Center Randomized trial comparing efficacyof acupuncture and placebo for reducing the vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes and night sweats) among patients diagnosed with breast cancer
Robbin Sommers, ANP-BC, AOCNP, DNP; Jean Boucher PhD, RN, ANP; Catherine Hooper, RN, BSN, OCN; Joan Lucca, RN, MSN, NP-C, AOCN; Kristin Roper, RN, MS, PhD(c); Meghan Underhill, PhD, RN, AOCNS Dana-Farber Cancer Institue Promoting Oral Chemotherapy Adherence with Mobile RN
Marilyn Stoner, RN-BC, PhD, CHPN; Liz Margolies, LCSW The National LGBT Cancer Network Experience of being Diagnosed LGBT NEW
Misty Lamprecht, MS, CNS, AOCNS; Karen Tackett, BSN, RN, OCN; Cynthia Hensley, BSN, RN, OCN; Rose Marie Martin, BSN, RN, OCN; Craig Hofmeister, MD; Jessica Duda, PharmD The Ohio State University, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Arthur James Cancer Hospital & Richard Solove Research Institute Effect of Cryotherapy on Mucositis
Sharon Tucker, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC; Debbie Sheikholesalami, BSN, RN; Janis Johnson, BSN, RN; Lindsay Gaskell, BSN, OCN; Rihanna Al-Ghalayini, BSN, RN; Laura Cullen, MA, RN, FAAN University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics Sustaining Evidence-Based Nursing Practices for Fall Prevention in Hospitalized Oncology Patients
Lisa Hodges, BSN, RN, OCN; Deborah Larrimore, BSN, RN, LMBT; Deborah Krueger, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CNRN, CHTP; Sally Bulla, PhD, RN Wake Forest Baptist Health Efficacy of healing touch versus guided imagery in outpatient chemotherapy

GRANTED prior to 2012

Donna Berry, PhD, RN; Jonathan Rosenberg, MD; John Bruyere, MA
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Bladder Cancer Decisions
Meghan Underhill, PhD, RN, AOCNS; Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH; Emily Brown, MS, LGC; Chinedu Ukaegbu, MBBS, MPH; Donna Berry, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Living with inherited pancreatic cancer risk
Linda Abbott, MSN, RN, AOCN, CWON; Linda Moeller, BSN, RN; Paula McCue, MA, RN, OCN; Daniel Berg, MD; Kathryn Bewyer, MPT; Ami Gaarde, BSN, RN, OCN University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Energy Through Motion
Roxanne Wilson, RN, MS, PhD (c); Jane Vortherms, RN, BSN, MHA; Dana Olson, RN, BSN; LaNae Harms-Okins, BA; Tina Schmitz, RN, BSN; Michelle Rosenberger, RN, BSN St. Cloud Hospital -- Coborn Cancer Center Evidence Based Distress Screening in Cancer Care
Myra Woolery, MN, RN, CPON;  University of Maryland Pediatric Constipation Assessment Scale
Mia Barron, FN, BSN Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC Unlocking the Mystery of Lupus and Cardiovascular Health
Sharon Baumler, MSN, RN, CORLN; Michele Farrington, BSN, RN; Cindy Dawson, MSN, RN, CORLN; Peggy Folkmann, BSN, RN; Caryn Anderson, MD; Robert Schneider, DDS, MS University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Oral Care for Prevention and Treatment of Oral Mucositis
Janeen Bazan, RN, OCN, BSN, CCR; Donna Plonczynski, PhD, APN, OCN; Amanda Salacinski, PhD Sherman Hospital The Effects of Exercise on Women with Breast Cancer
Emily Bellard, RN, OCS, MSN Carolinas Healthcare Foundation Effectiveness of Educational Guidelines For Cancer Patients and Their Families
Pamela Christensen, RN, MN Children's Hospital and Medical Center of Seattle Adolescent Health Related Quality of Life and Satisfaction with Care in the First Year After Diagnosis With Inflamatory Bowel Disease
Erica DeBoer, RN, MA, CCRN, CNL; Brenda Wolles, RN, BSN; Robin Randall, RN, BSN; Gwenneth Jensen, RN, MN, PhD Sanford University of South Dakota Medical Center The Relationship Between Cancer-related Fatigue and Fall Risk and Fall Events In a Hospital Population
Jolene Dickerman, FN, BSN, OCN; Jane Vortherms, RN, BSN, MHA; Dana Olson, RN, BSN; LaNae Harms-Okins, BA; Tina Schmitz, RN, BSN, Michelle Rosenberger, FN, BSN St. Cloud Hospital - Coborn Cancer Center Riding the Waves of the Cancer Journey:  Evidence Based Screening for Psychosocial Distress in Ambulatory Cancer Care
Angela Dykes, BSN, RN; Sandra Wade, MN, APRN, CNS; Yvette Robson, RN; Sarah Waguespack, BSN, RN; Inyang Isemin, BSN, RN; Kory Mingo, BSN, RN Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center The Effect of a Healing Environment on the Patient's Perceived Measure of Pain, Anxiety and Environmental Noise
June Eilers, PhD, APRN-CNS, BC; Judith A. Heermann, RN, PhD; Susan Wardian, RN, MSN, OCN The Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha Central Line Care:  Computer-Assisted Education/Testing Module for Family Caregivers
Kelly Faltus, FN, MSN, APN, AOCNS; Nancy Tomczak, RN, BSN, OCN; Nicholas Szewczyk, RN, MSN, ANP-C, APN; Joyce Neumann, RN, MS, AOCN, APN The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center A Pilot Study to Examine the Impact of an Incentive-Based Mobility Program on Physiologic and Quality of Life Outcomes in a Stem Cell Transplant Population
Regina Fink, RN, PhD, FAAN, AOCN; Mary Cunningham, RN, BSN, OCN; Aimee Orf, RN, BSN, OCN; Wendy Pare, RN, BSN, OCN; Barbara Wenger, RN, BSN, OCN; Jennifer Zwink, RN, BSN, OCN University of Colorado Hospital/Cancer Center The Impact of Heat on the Insertion of Peripheral Intravenus(IV) Catheters in a Hemotology/Oncology Outpatient Population
Celestine Gochett, MSN, ARNP, AOCNS; Judith Schreiber, PhD, RN St. Joseph Hospital The Cancer Treatment Side Effect Index:  A Pilot Study of Efficacy
Angela Halpin, MN, RN, CNS; Deborah Forsythe, RN, OCN Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian A Nausea Scale
Carol Hatler, PhD, RN; Rosemary Federico, MS, RN St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Standardizing Venous Access Device Procedures for Hospitalized Oncology Patients Through Nurse Education
Molly Hemenway, ND, MS, RN, CPNP; Debra Schissel, RN, CCRP, CPON The Children's Hospital Denver Parent Recall of Experiences with a Child with Refractory or Relapsed Cancer When Enrolled in an Early Phase Clinical Trial
Gena Kalil, MSN, RN, OCN; Suzanne Hotard, RN, OCN; Melissa Smithee, GWS; Melissa Stewart, DNP, RN Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center The Effectiveness of a Structured Patient Education Model (PITSc) in Mitigating the Effects of Neutropenia among Chemotherapy Patients
Jennifer Madden, MSN, RN, CPNP; Laura Dorneman, BSN, RN; Patricia Mowry, MA, ADTR, LPC The Children's Hospital, University of Colorado Denver Creative Arts Therapy (CAT) for Pediatric Patients in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Margaret McCabe, DNSc, RN, APRN, BC PNP Children's Hospital Boston Perceptions of Fatigue:  Children and Teens with Immune-Mediated Illness
Judy Myers, PhD, RN; Anthony Dragun, MD; Gabino Rafael Botran-Fernandez, PhD; Susan Waiz, MS; Krystal Angevine, LCSW, MBA Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services The Clinical and Biochemical Effect of Therapeutic Massage on Fatigue and Insomnia in Women with Breast Cancer Receiving Radiation Therapy
Karen Rice, DNS, APRN, ACNS-BC, ANP; Luanne Billingsley, DNP, MBA, APRN, ACNS-BC, PMP, CPHQ; Rebecca Pujol, RN, OCN; Kristin Linde, BSN, RN; Sara Sporar, BSN, RN Ochsner Medical Center Using Avatars in an On-Line Virtual Community to Facilitate Peer Storytelling Among Greiving Oncology Nurse
Deborah L. Robinson, MSN, APRN, BC, PNP, CPON; Barbara Carr, MSN, APRN, BC, PNP, CPON; Melissa Heigham, PharmD, BCOP St. Louis Children's Hospital Delayed Vomiting in Children and Adolescents with Cancer After Treatment with Aprepitant and Standard Anti-emetics for Highly Emetic Chemotherapy.  This study is complete and soon to be published
Jeanene Robison, MSN, RN, AOCN; Connie Cook, RN, BSN The Christ Hospital Efficacy of Hand and/or Foot Massage Performed During Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Infusion
Kathleen Ruccione, MPH, RN, CPON, FAAN; David Freyer, DO, MS; John Wood, MD; Richard Sposto, PhD Children's Hospital Los Angeles Tranfusional Iron, Anthracyclines and Cardiac Outcomes among Childhood Cancer Survivors
Colleen Scheeler, MSN, CRNP; Rosemary C. Polomano, PhD, RN, FAAN Hospital University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA The Effects of Structured Nursing Care and Exercise on Fatigue, Stress, Symptoms, and Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Stem Cell Transplant
Maura Schlairet, EdD, MSN, RN, CNL; Melissa Benton, PhD, RN; Mary Ann Heddon, RN, MSN, OCN; Martha Griffis, RN, BSN, OCN Valdosta State University Effect of Age on Outcomes of a Resistance Training Program in Breast Cancer Survivors
Julie Segovia, RN, MSN; Kelly Faltus, RN, MSN, AOCNS, ACNS-BS; Barbara Summers, PhD, RN, NEW-BC, FAAN; Laura Worth, MD, PhD The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Examining the Relationships Among Uncertainty, Mood and Quality of Life in Young Adults Undergoing Stem Cell Transplantation
Kathryn Siebert, RN; Caroline Brown, DEd, CNS; Ellen Carr, RN, MSN, AOCN; Marion Saria, RN, MSN, AOCNS University of California San Diego Medical Center - Thornton Hospital Psychosocial Effects and Coping Interventions for Hematopoietic
Ruth Tutor, PhD, RN, APN. CCRN, AOCN; Amanda Young, PhD Methodist University Hospital and University of Memphis Narratives of Care in the ICU: Promoting Timely Discussions about Palliative Care.  The goal is to develop communication tools to foster a cultural shift in palliative care discussions.  With focus on the bedside nurse, the study will explore the patient/family's wishes, fears and questions, and advocate for enhanced communication with the interdisciplinary team.
Renee Twibell, PhD, RN, CNE; Deb Barton, BS, RN; Dani Williams, BS, RN; Debra Siela, PhD, RN, CCRN, ACNS-BC, CNE, RRT; Scott Mowery, BS, RN IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Assessing Perceptions Related to Falls in Hospitalized Adults with Cancer or Autoimmune Disease
Kyra Whitmer, RN, PhD; Jennifer Hester, RN, DNP; Scott Looney, RN, BSN, OCN University of Cincinnati The Effect of an Oral Care Protocol on the Incidence and Severity of Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis
Margaret C. Wilmoth, PhD, MSS, RN The University of North Carolina at Charlotte/Carolinas Healthcare System The Experiences of Ovarian Cancer Patients Related to Sexuality