Midwest Region Ambassadors

  • I am so honored to be a part of the DAISY Award program here at Essentia Health in Fargo, ND. Each month having the honor of reading all the nominations reminds me why I do what I do. Whenever I am having a bad day, or an incredibly long day a nurse who won the award or a family who has nominated a nurse will remind me that we are all here for the patients that we care for. To be able to provide this meaningful recognition to our staff is invaluable. We can never thank our nurses enough for doing what they do every day. The DAISY Award is a great way for us to recognize those that have been nominated and have been selected as the DAISY Award winner for the month. Meaningful recognition is vital for employee retention is the DAISY program is an easy and fun way to provide that meaningful recognition.

    Jill Holmstrom
    Essentia Health - Fargo
    DAISY Coordinator; DAISY Nurse Leader (CEO, CNO etc.)
  • It is very good to be recognized. While performing their job at times many nurses do not recognize that they are going above and beyond. It is nice to be reminded of the big and small differences the we can make with each and every patient.

    Tamera Norton
    Passavant Area Hospital
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • “I am shocked beyond belief for this award”

    Tami Griffin
    St. Cloud Veteran's Administration
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    St. Cloud
  • "It is a great honor to be a DAISY Honoree. Having this prestigious award shows that one not only cares for patients but cared for another human being. Not all nursing skills can be learned by reading a book or learning a skill. This award embodies what is means to truly be a Nurse."

    Laura Allard, RN, BSN, EMT -B, I/C
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    St John Hospital and Medical Center
  • "Receiving The DAISY Award has affirmed my decision to be a nurse, continually reminds me why I do what I do, and motivates me to further excel in the care I give my patients."

    Pete Gaffney, RN
    Memorial Hospital of South Bend, South Bend, IN
    Staff Nurse
  • “Coordinating the extraordinary work that nurses do daily with every interaction, every encounter, every moment, every time is awesome. DAISY recognition is like a ripple of positivity throughout nursing through recognition and celebrations. DAISY to me a beautiful flower; the core is the patient, surrounded by the many petals of service to each patient all held up by the stem which is nursing supporting the beautiful gift of life. I am honored to represent DAISY it allows my profession to be showcased by the impactful work nurses do and the many lives we touch! Thank you Barnes Family.”

    Rachel Massey, RN, BSN, MS-HC, CHCM
    Staff Development/Clinical Specialist, DAISY Coordinator
    Paris Community Hospital, Paris, IL
  • "I love being a part of an award that honors nurses for what we do all day, every day. What we feel is so little - means so much to our patients and families."

    Carrie Myers, RN, BA
    Ephraim McDowell Health, Danville KY
    DAISY Coordinator
  • As a recipient of the DAISY Award, I wear my DAISY pins school as well as in the community. The queries and smiles shared by those who understand the DAISY mission sometimes catalyze the actions of others who want to go beyond offering boxes of candy to nurses who care for their loved ones. I want to continue to recognize members of this august profession.

    Kathleen Pepin
    Kaplan University - Omaha
    Nursing Professor
  • Neelam Shrestha
    University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
    Registered Nurse
    UW Health
  • “It is always an honor to receive a nomination for DAISY Award. It reinforces the "real reason" I became a nurse- to treat everyone with the kindness and respect they deserve. Also, to treat everyone like a mother, father, sister, brother, loving friend, etc-which they are, and seeing beyond the person laying in the bed. My perspective of nursing is not to treat just a "body part", but to treat each patient holistically-body, mind, and soul, and to treat patient's family members with respect and dignity, as well.”

    Kelly Zehr, RN
    OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, Bloomington, IL
    DAISY Nurse Honoree